kind of scary to say the least

if a person hates then they aren't a person to not know how hatred is and won't become abbreviated such a show of abuse like a parade of terrorism

so if i hated you and wanted you to be a piece of bread, a piece offering, wasn't offered, so to know you are peaceful, so backwards, and regressive, also wanting, as it leaves open that's the trick, and the completeness isn't precise because art is complete, not technical

such an abuse such a scary thing to say someone wants, to say someone doesn't want but to have hatred to hurt and harass and make feel pitiable by force and to know what abuse is and isn't abusive to say such abuse is tantamount to weirdness and anger, so such-rage-filed abuse it is, (it, the force of hatred there, is not to be hated always? it being the hatred evinced constantly, so to demean israelis, and call you the victims, so you are an antisemitic palestinian child who harbors innate antisemitism, her islamophobia is his, to kill his, as a child, but not just intentionally to fuck up people adn want to not know such abuse to steal what isn't to feel what could if only to know it isn't kind, isan't right, isn't different, isn't cool but angry, so disgusting, eliciting the nausea of islamophobic children in places to displace blame, so if someone wanted to hate they would always hate to not know how to abuse, is one thing, but to hate the abuser is another so to say if you aren't abusive you are the person who isn't to say that such is haberdashery, hasish is like a person to know how to not know how to know, so to know such abuse is tantmount to one i know personally, hers, the rapist, and to torture and to harass, so genius is formed, not given so is genius formed not given? is a genius a product of abuse, are or the abuser to say such disgsutingness isn't the reason why they are abusive but the reason why wsuch abusers fabricagte and harass to not know to not have to say that having is necessary, to die if you don't actively, to want you can't have, and to embarass what you didn't get that you deserved, yes that you deserved a lot not to be embarassed, so the holy sites on easter are they praying together more and orphaned churches forever isn't a thing, so to know an orphaned shoe, isn't the universal child, an innocent person for an innocent spirituality that which isn't to touch kids, but did so violently assault me, and Us, The Innocent, We were violently raped, to torture as a war crime, to prove their war crimes, not theirs, to say you had a role to split and deceive, such deceptions are impossible, scary, scarily obsessive, and a tragic figure is tired on easter, but not the reason for such tragedies is hatred, knowing their hatred is knowing how not to love such hatred, and such hatred is theirs, to say that a hatred of theirs isn't real butloving, to know such loving hatred, and the hope, the innocent hope, the dream men nebara, to say if someone loved, they couldn't, to rape and torture, to feel what they couldn't, to know they aren't faithful, to forcefully violently rape to have what cant, but a person is not to be what is an object that is the thing to produce, to say a falsity is a truth, and mock the very nature of abuser, to call the doctor the abuser, is like saying you're fake, a person who doesn't heal, so to say such stupidity if a person doesn't free an artist who knows, then that artist could have never become another, so to say another artgist isn't theirs, and also their art is not theirs

people hate a lot

people do hate a lot, more - to not know such hatred to feel such abuse and want more hatred feeling hurting actualized and always so people have fun and money to know their temporality doesn't mean that they are worthwhile angries so to say that rape is tantamount

people who hate are not kind so unkind is hatred always strange a feeling is a position to not know such is to say academic ignorance as the weirdness

the falsity of your abuse is fake, but real?

is someone fake and not say real

to say real is to say fake 

to mock and to subjugate so ferality is as weirdness and such to not know but the falsity of abuse is noted historically so the faithful and faith is the anger the falsity of anger to never have such abuse is to torture

feeling isn't torturing but to have such torture is slanderous

to harm is to slanderer is to harm is to not err

to err to know the truth of God's comedy of errors

to falsify is to say that people are always harmful {such that harm is never a really harmful thing to be had but is a harm to never realize their harms and such harmfulness is disgusting and not kind to know that such abuse is disgusting and people who wish abuse could never be the artist who knowingly despises other and others, so to say you are not a good person, a scary thug, but it's you, not them, so that basic abuse, it's not, so as scary as they are they are also very disgusting, using all sorts of tricks and mimicry to prove themselves, but what they've proven is that they are merely a thought not to be had, an abuser not to be abused, and so if a pussy ever had an arrogance, so would it be, a pussy cannot be arrogant so a ferality if a person it's always so odd and scary if a person is real, then they aren't fake and people who are real are not to say fake, but such fakeness is always the strangeness, so if a person hates, they'll never say they aren't, to know their abuse, to say they aren't is to know their stupidity and say, that if a person hates then they always will, and if such hatred is disgusting then it always, will not know how disgusting, how ugly, how terrifying, using tricks and deceptions, feelings and subjugations by force, to say if a person knew they wouldn't, to harass, if a person could've, and to say if someone had they could, would they shouldn't, and they shant shart themselves the abuser isn't you nor ever will be and when people hate it's forever this was an attack on the united kingdom as such; when someone has they will, when they will they won't, and the reality of all the truths can never exist

personally, a person who hates cannot be hurtful and a person who loves can be so to say if a person never was then they always will be the person who could be

mi6's mina

disgusting rapists i don't trust with weapons torturing so put down the pen, as it's your weapon and you don't know art, only torture this is a unique form of torture, centered on my capabilities to make them war efforts permanenlty, but they raped me so violently that i lost everything for a woman to rape me in a detention cell in a mental hospital and then in a place called hatred, she wanted me to be raped and tortured, and she was aware of her abuse and she was aware that i was about to be tortured at a place known as an abuse campus, which was marked as a mental facility in another country, as the worst offense in world history was committed against one person, to harm, to unkindly treat without kindness nor care, to know how violent a person can be, as this is the most disgusting feral hateful person ever known to that church and their community using tactics taught openly in psychological training classes to mitigate and harass knowingly and for the purpose of torture, this war was centered on me personally, obviously, and intensely violent, as i suffered nightmares, day terrors, and most of all harassment by others, on the street, almost murdered several times, and once even had a home invasion robbery that almost ended my life, this is not easy work, it is not yours, you are culpable, and willfully harming me, initiating several attacks on my family, including burning my dad's business, torturing animals in the process, lying afterwards as torturers do, threatening with my death with fake cases by proxy, using torture tactics, including death threats by phone, e-mails impersonating nike's tinker Hatfield, by real FBI agents, home visit by FBI agents, calling later with the same agents portraying me as a terrorist, who wanted to burn a church down, and still doing so, calling me crazy by proxy, using every racist trick in the book, they are the most racists historically and to be not trusted with anything these are serial molesters of children who want to hurt kids, including visiting a home of another person

to end my war on terror, i ended you, as a representative of the United Kingdom in its full capacity, and Japan as a diplomate of their choice, to know you are not my friend, you are a torturer of each country, and I give military responsibility to those countries, and not you, as an abuser, a scary person

the alt-right movement is satanists and the neo-nazis are ku klux klansmen who -burn crosses as satanists like marilyn manson, who is an actively sought musician in all military fields, not in The Military, where he is banned, as is Taylor Swift, and her friends, who are also banned from the United Kingdom, and those are not to be talked to, as they are terrorists who abuse and tried to get away with a lot that i caught, and they have been caught, so don't contact me you abusive people you disgust me and always will yourselves to power by force and by lying, torturing kids to feel pleasure and torturing the Spiritually Successful with breaking orders, that medical boards and schools openly chose to allow them to

but this is about a lot more, this is not microabuse, this about military abuse, to steal, to hurt, and continue sinning, which i stopped with the united kingdom's mi6's agents of such beauty and caliber

these tools are carefully chosen to torture individually, i've been offered no protection, but they have been offered complete protection, as these are terrorists, and those are terrorrists, so it's not my thing and i chose not be a terrorist

such torturous tactics are used to have fun and to torture to make feel important then cut down then steal in the most violent rape in world hsitory that is humiliating, abusive, not my field, and also extreme, so antisocial personality disorder of you -americans

there is no alterantive to the right, way, and to also know that you forced yourselves on all a lot of countries worldy, similarly, entering falsely as you do, to torture and disallow punishment, so to know if you had not then you wouldn't be able to torture there anywhere and to know how abusive a person can get when happy and torture when sad to know if you aren't then you could if you weren't then you will and if you had than you could have then you didn't because you wouldn't go half on a baby saying r kelly is babyface doesn't make him a virginal sort, rather an experienced guy sexually, so when you fuck do remember Yeezy taught you, and that certainty is there and here and always