untitled rape documentmary is not safe. it is about her that she cannot stay safe had it been safe she would not have hated to harm and is my face not then it is to know, you are not to near without fear yet only fearlessly you ask


had i died, no one one would be able to taylorswift.cm that's big for me and took painstaking effort meticulous and not fun, and it's more than that, because it seems cool kind of situation

my body of academic work is the most extensive historically and its presentation another product of harming and seeking harm, it's not that fun days are theirs it's not that i had not yet to know I don't hate you, it's not that I want to hate you it's that you are not allowed a person whom harms, ad your harm is so much that you ccan't express yourself through rape and only had you, then you won't, it is too much then to and that violence of rape and sexual assault is that you had only injured for theat purpose and could not only had your duty to itself and your duty in itself is yet harmful yet you dream harm and i could not have wished for yourself out of me and out of it is not how work is commenced nor o it is yet rape that you rapest is it you yet that you had only your dream then deferred take your and it is only you had wished then it would not have you are not only yet are is it time then you are wish that is yn your bone and i don't shake my collarbone to an angry to effect you i cannot and I woudl not yet only it is your doing ,  here tha you want it to be only for yourself and your happiness is yet onyl to harm and you had not only and put yourself in hades you act that way to feel and you are not it is your and your not that you drug a crazy

it is only your rape and only your rapist that you had not only rape and rapist enjoying that is not only your rapist and your rape you keep yourself away from me that is your mo you got away yourself away from me there is nothing worse than you and i'm not scared like you scare you, yes, that scares you, so you fight like your parents, and your children, it's not that I don't it's that you cannot answer anyone yet always the same: answer for yourself and it's worse

to your mother: wizard of oz closed down 20 ears ago and buy new slippers