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Racist ass America needs to die you are so disgusting you are horrifying you are rapists and counseled on hatred not loverd, this anger is so that you know that I am not crazy only your mistreatment is so violent and pointless and your anger is not mine to know you are horrifying murderers

Yeah u are trying to make me look insane just that you have your history of hatred permanent and I hope to God that my anger is not to be around you and I hope to God you suffer immensely I pray for your death in science and art, and your dream is quieting me against my will

I hope your recordings suffer my anger in loudness and my quietude will never be yours I am not to be toyed and I break your communication methods you do not respect authority nor mine is to know

You terrorists are fucking up for my flow I hope to God you fucking die in Hell for this it is not your world anymore

I am not mad you only wish I was scaring you and scary to you go to hell

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My abuser rides a carousel that does not scare kiddos