do not mess with my computer or my art like they did they didnt give you permission to rape me and i do not want you near me and i certainly dont you want to reserach my information like that under false pretense and i dont want you corrupting my art because your corrupt people read my private messages and forwarded them to strangers again to protect themselves i will protect my Nation and i do not want you near me and i advice for victims of human trafficking who do not mess with computers to know how to control their emotionality without resorting to cia torture tactics to torture using racist taunts and abuses this behavior is not good nor is it fun to watch and i also want to know why you're so stupid why you're so infantile why you exist in the first place who hired you and why you were hired were you asked are you racist like everyone there is and i will not be abused nor will i let your abusive langauge get near me and i will always know how to stop you because of your stupidity and anger and malice towards innocent people you want hurt ill give you this it's called hurtfulness it's called pain it's called blood sweat and anxiety that i dont have because i've given it to God and i will never give you my blood you disgusting racist maniacal abusive narcissits who want to taunt me with torture pictures and people who want torture will get tortured in any possiible i am not scared of you nor am i scared of your friends nor your enabled nor those youve abused me with who you haven't mentioned i dont tolerate abuse i don't tolerate torture and i don't tolerate you americans this abuse is growingly disgusting and your stupidity makes you look even worse on the world stage already the laughingstock extra-nationally and also i do not like to abuse nor do i like to know abusers nor do i like to help abusers nor do i want to help fake abuse victims and nor do i want to hurt you and your fragile take care with caution asses i dont fuck around im a man not a bitch to a slut an you know what when a nigga tried to take my computer by force recently i say it truly they scary races who want money and rage an i ain wan that this pretty much done an i won fuck with you no more youre fucking scary stop messing with me and i swear to god you aint touching my money for your dumbasses this shit aint right you aint do shit in your life like i did an i ain no gon insane cause you aint right your head aint right dont mean that i forgive you i want you daddy to know he aint cool and i wan you momma to know she ain't right she just ain't right i'm out this shit this aint right for me youre fucking scary you alt-right now that ain't right you supposed to right with God not nazis not neo-nazis scary fucks i do not want a bitch messsin with me i do not like you i hate you all you fuckas who ain do shit in they lives an i also wanna say that they waitin for me go insane but they ain get it they ain get it this shit i ont fuck with you i just gon say it youre fucking weird

America the ugliest fuck the world it marilyn manson yo his father was a cia agent i have that documented somewhere and they best friends till he left for his bitches in hell where they sex with each other and they friends and family networks, not rainn and cair, both unprotected agencies, trying to find their kids with national exploited children a nonprofit organization not funded by us government, by uk only disgusting motherfuckas i ain't wan to know you ain a nigga till you fuck a bitch and this bitch aint right it just ain right

they put americans in great risk but i solved a problem that they aint fix it myself with no money no money mean no money so i did it myself and they aint answer me yet about those about those inventions i been seein about mind reading and shit in the fbi headquarters and all the school shooters i was tellin them about on the low nad they i think they were readin all along to mock me and they aint right it fucking scary theyre horrible theyre killing raping girls aint at war even just to fuck people up and aint right i swear they scaring kids this shit aint right im glad something about it this is mi6's mina i fuck around but not play around fucking scary ass people

they ain do nothing about it when i told uci they told me the school shooter it wasnt right they called me crazy and pill me like crazy they rid pills aint work even made me sleep i pray still they ain work tho i wan to be happy but i didn't they made themselves happy i told them to prevent school shooting i even got names and shit and then they did it after and call me crazy later this shit ain even recent it happened recently they call and call me crazy and drug after they impersonated nike to call my da an say i ain do that so when they play they games they how crazy i am not your tool and i aint your method you keep stuckin your tongue down and i aint gon upset but when i call school shooters out i told him straight you fucking crazy and they call me crazy they fucking devils and they fucking my bitches and niggas up to slide down fuck up and mess up lives i ain mess up ever ain they upset about it so they actin crazy again always pushing niggers up and niggas down this shi aint right what they doin and always playin games on the side this kinda shit bullshit this kinda bitch a bullshitter and the unkinda niggers fighting me is a bitch that all i say     

this nigger is a fucking slut i fucking beat her pussy for this not for witch to fuck it up for a bitch to fuck a bitch up this ain't the way of things get a nigga out here i do not tolerate racists and i do not tolerate of abusive langauge and i do not tolerate abusers people who love languages and i do not tolerate abuse of children and i want you dead in the morning for God always for Allah for my friends and family, who have done nothing wrong, who know God's words and commandments and who will not be tortured again as they are good people everyone you've tortured so for i will not trafficked by you into a dark site listening to your music and i want you dead right now if you do not die i will not like you for trying not hard enough as america is a lazy nation of mansons and swiftys those who are tasteless and garish who want to hurt people intentionally and told me to do so for the victims of worldwide, especially the church, who has victims of abuse from america to torture torture church children including people who are known child molesters who they let go the churches to rape children and then incriminate after to know the rapists mentality in the church and abuse children and their families i want this man dead for one reason and you know that reason he is a dangerous thug who didn't deserve anything including his helpers of abuse like shiva taghdis and people who abuse children worldwide want you to take the sandy hook promise right now  seriously and forever in the name God Amen

i am not a toy with to be toyed with and i mean hatred now and forever i hate you for being an abuser and i hate you for touching children and i also hate you for being a wife of his and father of his and a friend of his i want him dead right now! I wish you worse than you wished every child you've molested and every hurt you've touched and every person you've made uncomfortable today right now and because of you parents a cia official was your parent and i will not be like them, i will not like you and i will kill with all my mechanisms of Godliness and Saintliness I ordered a murder ritht now from on high to down low to understand why you've become, and who you\ve become, i don't tolerate you and i want you dead right now and if you don't your sinfulness and inactivity will reflect 

he is the most disgusting man ever and also a rapist of children and i don't care more than you don't if you don't fuck them up i won't fuck you down and i ordered a fucking death and you are not protect somebody more than me, so an american citizen ain't got rights, this nigger got rights this nigga over here, was given rights today as as United Kingdom citizen as they were stripped by force there i do not fuck with America and you keep your bitches sequestered and raped because out here in the hood in the country i don't give a damn i got a nine with the names all your victims on it you know what it say mohammed you know what it say malcolm you know what it say kanye you what it say mina you what it say mi6 you know what it say mi6's girls and boyz, who they've saved from america, i don't care i don't give fuck it's on

you are disgusting and a womanizer of women and you need to stop abusing people and the most innocent i do not tolerate abusers and i want you dead right now every single one of you and this a kingdom from the united kingdom, die and now and such abuse is always abusive and never stops to abuse others and to feel good i want you dead you are a weak person a thug a monster and a person who deserves to die right now i do not threaten people i take action this is a bad government and now it's a good one i protect myself in the name of God to curse every single one of you to death and i will go right to do it in the name of God in the name of Evan Rachel Wood in name of People You Want To See Naked To Abuse Children With i do not tolerate abusers and i want you dead in the morning and i will see it done right now in the following way of God do not contact us do not threaten us and not demean us nor our character you are disgusting a thug and a devil for listening to me if you think im a criminal then you are a liar a thief and a scoundrel who deserves to die right now and i will see it through in the name of God in the name of my mother and in the name of those children you've abused i will see it through it right now and if you don't do this i will kill you personally you are a threat to my well-being and i will no how awful of a person you are in person and if you don't kill him i will kill himself to resurrect Jesus fully and today i will do it right now for God forever for the United Kingdom of God and also the United Kingdom in its current state of love and grace, where they have banned you and criminalized your followers, i do not tolerate abusers nor do I tolerate their friends, saying i'm a sicko or a mean person is a lie i do not threaten people like you do and i would never lie about what i want to do you i want to kill you and mutilate you to show off your stupidity as a person of disgustingnesss who to rape me and enable a woman to rape and to do so violently if he doesn't decide i will go kill him right now i do not tolerate abusers like the united states government nor their children of government officials who love them and those who enabled their whole careers like their friends and family growing up who made this way their friends and family and them who love them they are disgusting and i want no part of their filth i do not tolerate abuse of violence so i protect violence and i will kill you correctly completely and Truly against your stupidity, for all the people you've tortured in torture camps you disgust me and i want you dead right now in the name of God and my Father Allah right now

to four people know how hatred goes you go and i die for god do not contact me i do not like you i want you dead now in the name of god you disgusting man i dont like you i order your murder in the name of God AMEN (do not contact me Marilyn Manson in the name of God I pray for your death and your followers' death too and I hope despearetly that your daughter and mother die you are disgusting a thug a monster the worst creature ever i call police to die you no more game you die now in the name of God I pray your followers death and bloody murder in the name of Christ if you do not do so i pray you die as well as commit suicide together in the name of your dead devil this is an order from God you disgusting man i pray for you to die in the name of MI6's Mina, I pray for your death everyday and today I have prayed to discover that you are the FBI and the CIA, i call police on you and they dont so i do police you and your followers i will go kill you right now and your wives and your daughters and i will do so right now i have a gun and will use it shoot you down with hatred of your wives and so i will know your abuses literally and more because i do not like you i have a ordered a murder of your mother wherever she is whomever she is including her daughter her father and her friends this is an order from God to you die police die men die women and keep children alive for God and forever

this is something i don't play with God curse you to hell every one of you you are not good people and good students of God I pray for your death because today believe it or not he scared me he said i smell like women and made me sad i call police to protect they protect devil but devil ded so its he the devil i will go kill him and his wives and daughters right now

Allah Akbar Now Forever


The FBI has never been copied historically to know they are not there is not smart and dumb is not me i will not let you abuse me further and please know i don't want be a gymnast who isn't believed, like all the rest aren't, so please stay away from me and my family, rapists, torturers, and school shooters and their new employees, actually i didn't know jeffrey dahmer was that nice, and i didn't know that he had that many friends, i guess i you kept that hidden for too long, and please don't involve yourself in this, lowermen, and please do not contact me like that, attorneys, as this is not a show i'm going ask you to not applaud them, and please to stay away from me, and my friends, if you need information or want to provide information for anything happening in the uk please contact us at and please know i am not a friend of yours and please respect in the jewish community and islamic community and please don't try it with the christian community and please don't associate with anti-abortion advocates, because i like the innocence of life not to be take

these new torturers are especially scary, they are school shooters literally, family members of mansons, and they brought them out of desperation, after so many years of torture hidden behind walls and traps at places you've been go to and wish to go to, and i will not stand for people who want to change their minds say they're sorry reach out and people who want to benefit financially emotionally and circumstantially just to be happy, these words their words with me extremely violent are based in violent pornography and are extremely frightening, i don't like the government in its shape ever, and i don't want to participate in it, this was an entire the government and i will not play games with local officials nor their helpers as these are all rape victims i'm representing and i will not allow them to be used, abused, or passed around again, no matter who you pretend to be, rape victim advocates at rainn and cair don't want your time of day

contact them not me

this is not funny to me and it's not funny to my friends\

i do not stand for abusers and i don't stand for blameshifting, and especially not victimshifting, these individuals are protected citizens of the united kingdom now, and forever do not harass them bother me or talk any more about me

the fbi is closed for business

the cia is over historically and known to be disgusting and are animals not humans so please do not contact me ever and please stop abusing us you disgusting people with no hearts no minds and souls and please know your soul is not recoverable and i will not stand for your abuse of me and God

this disgusting thug is a psychopath, with aspd, and not my friend, so please do not contact me again, nor her, cvs pharmacy is a hate group and they keep drugging me to keep me safe from the fbi's watchgroup, the cia, who are actively trying to hurt me

this is a search and recovery mission, not a rescue mission, so do not know bother me again, and please stop abusing us, this is an organizational attack on the united kingdom and this hate group will not allow itself in by force and those who tried historically have been trapped in such strength of God

do not contact me and do not contact us, if you need help call the police, and they'll help you out

you cannot take uk passport photos at cvs usa, that is a terrorist act, and please don't try, you scamartists, the pharmacy may be a grocery store but it's not a place to rage against your lies of indianness, stop and be better

For many years, the US government has been harassing me and family for no reason but satanism, as it's the most holy family in America, and now in the United Kingdom, so please stay away from me because you are not going to get anything out of this, you tried many times to hurt me and my family, meaning mom, dad, and sister only, to become the hater I don't want to be, someone so racist and disgusting hateful and moronic disturbingly motivated and oddly shaped\\to know your abuse is so often, well that's truly you do not want you do not get

UK / Japan / UN against USA (Rich Spirit, Independent Mission)


Mina Samir Sarkis Karas Sargious Independent Mission (Privately Funded by Dr. Sam) 

Executed by Elite Squadrant MI6's Mina, and our troops :) against the CIA, to note the organization the President answers to, so to seize See's Candies and America as a whole

Mission has been Accomplished, to say the least! Thanks to my girls and boyz ⛪.fM 📪.fM

my mom is rosa parks, my dad is martin luther king jr, and i am malcolm x, and we represent the victims of charles manson and taylor swift, respectively, as the devil ded