People who harm others are scary, so don't scare me-you-they->please! also, do not scare me, please! you need to be scared! you are scary, though, so scared, so scary, scared and scary?

you are not racist; glad that settles it!

however, you are a racist. you know why? because you know. you know how not to be a racist, but you've chosen to be racist. How so? You've lied to avenge yourself before, and you still do. Erasing racism isn't easy, nor is it done by a white person in the highest power, though you should at least try to stop the racial abuses; perhaps doing something about it, about yourself, about the way you handle the people around you? Perhaps offering to save others? Do you enjoy hatred? Why do you hate anyone? Hatred is a foul emotion, a beastly emotion that is not strong. You are weak.