you rape war lost i got this ain't presidential hooded

Subject: i got rape crises sounding out victims blood

fucking tags i ain't play that hooded dirt asses

Subject: you marilyn manson not evan rachel wood

fucking bloody pussies see what they didn't do mixing english with my fucking asses

they ass

ass is they

Subject: ass can't take shit

ass a pussy an ass

pussy cant take shit

ass take a pussy

so you a bleeding vagina

bloody funny

bleeding vagina on the rag can't get wet so i gotta fuck you over where niggas matter, nigger(s)s who lack propriety they ain't gon be ok so call doctor niggerish slut to the bitch of nfl slutty niggerish


Subject: wet white entertainment television

because you my bitch i fuck you how you want show you respect healthy for a nigga's queen, so enslaved can't get kids that way sari for your history, it's wiped clean Spiritually of you former niggers and sluts pathologically destructive stupidly inclined poor emotionally scary circumstantially poor forever but only in the temporal sense pathologically stupid disproportionality dark & sick and inane empty euphemistically stupid like their parents and ain't shit to me

you ain't play that two time game again with me i shoot

you stupid motherfucker

you ain't touch a nigga as i spoke

this little pussy think he hard i own this shit

i fuckin kill a nigga if he look at me you stupid

yes you is

fuck you go off girls and real niggas

fuck them sluts

blessing and they cryin strait to their cranium

bleeding and they on the rag

i got straps that'll fuck a nigga over dumbass

real niggas know what i mean

i got guns that put a whole through a nigga

i hard as hell you pussy

you ain't get shit bitch, you on the rag

you ain't got shit, you a pussy who is shit

a southsidethat nigga blood & he cares

you want me to pull it i'll pull the cock to rape your dumbass

ain't nigga bleed three times a day mean that

nigga i bleed and i right do don't fuck with me i strain and i got it so do not fuck with me ain't no double as nigga around here take your ass to where you belong fake marvin that's twisted and i don't give a damn so i'll fuck you over any time i want

don't you ever with a like a a me i fucking the baddest bitch in the world

ain't no pussy niggas around here we all good we all tricks we all gangstas

that twisted shit don't work around here i got a nine i got annie right here i got your locked down and strapped with mummy tape and just to fuck you over with 6ix9ine to avenge cause a real nigga knows to treat a woman you gotta show respect to the shit to the shit to this nigga

(sent with Confetti)

(sent with Confetti)

(sent with Confetti)

this fake shit i don't fuck with u

this group shit i don't 

this nigga hard

this nigger ain't hard at all

he a southside malibu squeeze

i ain't shit

i fuck you

i take shit

i fuck you over

real hood nigga

know the streets

and the codes you bitch hider cunt hide in my cock

bitch qss black cock fuck you give you a wipe down pussies

daniel hernandez 6

don't you ever fuck with a real nigga

split back rip your ponytailed ass off rip your mouth don't give a fuck pussies

this nigga bleedin everywhere he put the blood on the rag to fuck you over faggots

you a faggot for this ain't my pro

real niggas bloody your ass

black ass huh

shit i'll fuck you with my brown cock you jacked off black power

i ain't real huh

i'll fuck you up ain't mean that

inelegant i'll fucking kill you break you heart and you know what just to fuck with you for trying that soft ass slutty stuffs i'll take advantage of you and throw you in the lake and hard as hell

nigga you don't understand i bleed the streets till they out of blood like your collective bitch on the rag i ride for my uncle ill fucking ride you over and ride your bitch hard she enslaved

trying to smoke out a nigga you ain't got no ammo now you the hunting ground and i the hunter you illuterate fux

you're a rapist and i'm kinda helper

this nigger marilyn manson's he himself fucking in love wants to fuck and give brian warner head for no fucking reason like lilit and hers the taylor swifts bitch too ugly to even give head smell like stale sun chips just like daddy bout it bout it im done with yah