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New: If Euthanasia is allowed, then mental health treatment is not a valid concept.

The Medical Board of California NEVER believes any victim.

Instead of believing the victim, the Medical Board of California allows abusers (sexual and mental) to take advantage of other patients as doctors, while the accuser is gaslit and others are vulnerable to the doctors' abuse. Investigations are long. Sometimes years long. Even in medical emergencies.  All the while, the victim is tormented and laughed at and taken advantage of. His rights are stripped, she or he or they is abused, and isn't believed. They will be hurt necessarily, and won't be privy to exactly what's going on in the long process, while the doctor is free to prescribe drugs or give therapy to another. The therapy is still dangerous to others. The accuser is now hurt more and more and more. He or she or they may lose touch with reality. They'll feel they've lost parts of their soul and will never be able to recover because the Board's concomitant abuse. 

The Medical Board is, therefore, an abuser (sexual, too). It enables abuse.

It kills by enabling abusers.

Because the Board doesn't tell forthcoming patients the doctors' accusations, they are confused. They fall into traps. The doctor will hurt you. I believe the victims. I believe those who say they know of all of life's corners. Do not harm people. Do not harm life. Do not kill. You killed Doctor Donda West PHD because she didn't know her doctor was a sexual abuser. Had she known this, she would NOT have been operated on. It is your responsibility to sick people, to innocent patients. not to mention that he is a homicidal alcoholic. who doesn't know shit about surgery and seriously endangered so many lives!

The Medical Board of California is a sexual and mental assaulter and a taker of many lives, including that of Kanye West's once mother, Dr. Donda West PHD.

maybe someone with more resources, someone like his bestie or nemesis or whomever she is today, could have let his angel mother know about this dangerous rapist, because that's her thing - helping and healing and always believing and staying true to her word and not harming nor damaging and always seeking the best for everyone and forgiving everyone, even her worst enemies, with caringness. shrewdness and deceit and not being forthcoming is not good, never!

you allowed Jan Adams to harm more people, because you didn't care, his violence grew so much worse. the feeling of invincibility you bestowed upon him propagated violence! VIOLENCE!

The repercussions of this loss are still reverberating in society. And the Medical Board of California is at fault! No one will shoulder the blame, and the practice continues. Whistleblowers are few and far between, for some reason.

ask. make sure everyone is in a safe space. where all problems are discussed directly! and everyone is believed quickly! no harm, please and thanks

do patients know of their potential doctors' sexual abuse history of their patients? it is clear to them? super clear knowing how damaging it can be to their health? are they at least told where this information is? does the information even exist? is there any information, or is it neatly discarded in favor of self-gain of board officials? do patients know they can be assaulted if the doctor wants?

do doctors (md) conduct every stage of this investigation? are they trained in ethics? in abuse survival? what degree is required?

are doctors allowed to practice while being investigated for sexual abuse of other patients?? as soon as they're informed?

how long is the investigative thing? years? is that fair to other patients' health? the vulnerability to assaults?

is every complaint thoroughly investigated ? is everyone treated fairly, without regard to gender, income status, and race? Is everyone believed?

are all doctors treated fairly, and whistleblowers the same?

no one is given free reign over anyone's body. some aren't as morally sound as even evil Satanist Dr. "Kevorkian" Death; they are suicide/homicide cross-victims, much worse when it's tortuous, scary homicide actively enabled enabled

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 In January 2019 (INVESTIGATION OF ACCUSER STARTED JULY 2016) , the Board issued a final order, placing De Brito’s medical license on probation for 3 years

On July 22, 2022, the Medical Board of California issued an Accusation against psychiatrist John Lee, charging him with sexual exploitation of a patient, sexual misconduct with a patient, and excessive prescribing, among other things. note: The Medical Board of California website profile for John Lee states that he is formerly known as Dirk De Brito. The address of record, in La Canada, is the same for both names.

The Board’s document states that Lee saw “Patient 1,” a female, for six office visits between October 2016 and November 2018, after which he discharged her as his patient. However, the patient stated to the Board that she never saw Lee in his office and never had a physical examination or evaluation by him. Further, she stated that he prescribed medications to her without an office visit and that on at least two of the alleged visits that Lee documented in the patient’s record, she was actually out of town. 

The Board’s document further states:

Lee had multiple financial arrangements with the patient:

Physical assault 

The patient stated that during the time that she was in a relationship with Lee, they went on multiple vacations together, including San Francisco in 2015, Tiburon in 2016, the Virgin Islands in 2017, Seattle, Rome and Greece in 2018, and the Virgin Islands in 2019.

On May 4, 2019, the patient traveled with Lee to the Virgin Islands. They sailed to and from various islands on Respondent's catamaran for two weeks. On the morning of May 16, 2019, the patient stated that Lee physically assaulted her when she did not follow his instructions for handling the boat. She stated that Lee called her derogatory names, punched her in the mouth with a closed fist, threw her down a set of stairs and pushed her to the ground while on his boat in waters off the Virgin Islands.

Lee delayed returning to shore, despite her requests that he allow her off the boat. Later that evening, Lee docked the boat at shore and the patient immediately went to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Station to report that Lee had assaulted her. The police observed that the patient's lip was swollen, and that she appeared to have bruises on her arms, back, leg, and neck. The police deemed the patient’s report to be "genuine."

After completing a report, police officers took the patient to the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority at Pebbles Hospital for emergency department treatment. The medical records reflect that she had multiple bruises and sustained injuries to her eye, lip, back, gluteal area, loin, hip and foot.

Restraining order

When the patient returned to the United States, she sought a restraining order against Lee, based upon the May 16, 2019 assault. Following a hearing in the Los Angeles Superior Court wherein both Lee and the patient testified, the Court issued a one-year restraining order against Lee.

The Board declared: “Sexual activity with current and former patients is unethical.” Lee “had an established doctor-patient relationship with Patient 1 [and] sexually exploited Patient 1 by having an intimate relationship with her for approximately five years, which ended in May 2019.”

Previous criminal conviction and Board disciplinary action

In his former identity as Dirk De Brito, Dr. Lee was convicted May 2, 2017 of making criminal threats and assault by means of forces likely to produce great bodily injury, regarding two separate incidents.

In the first incident, in October 2015, De Brito was arrested by police following a complaint that he’d assaulted his son's nanny. De Brito was reported to have grabbed her by the neck, put her into a headlock, pushed her to the floor, and punched her in the face several times. During the incident, De Brito threatened that he was going to kill her and bury her body in his backyard. 

In the second incident, in January 2016, while De Brito was out on bail, he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. In this case, De Brito was reported to have physically assaulted a former employee, upon whom he also pulled a handgun.  

In May 2017, De Brito was sentenced on the criminal conviction to three years’ probation with terms and conditions including attending an anger management program and obtaining a practice monitor within a specified period of time.

On October 4, 2017, the Board suspended De Brito’s medical license on an emergency basis due to the criminal actions. Among the findings of fact presented in the Board’s petition for suspension were that during a Board-ordered psychological evaluation, De Brito "attempted to justify his behavior by explaining that he was being set up by the victims." It also contained information about his lengthy history of psychiatric treatment and that he has been on prescribed amphetamines since he was in his residency. In January 2019, the Board issued a final order, placing De Brito’s medical license on probation for three years.   

January 6, 2023

Acting on a tip received via social media, has determined that disgraced psychiatrist Dirk De Brito is now licensed and practicing in La Canada-Flintridge, California under the name John Lee.   

De Brito was convicted in May 2017 of two misdemeanors involving physical assaults against two women. The court sentenced him to probation and anger management.