song for faux hate.m4a

where is this bitch

where is he

somebody taking my money

ain't nobody give me shit

they all take it

and call me crazy

and you you don't do anything

it's kind of concering and alarming that nobody contacts me and i'm stuck with a dumb bitch psychiatrist who calls me crazy and i wonder,

could it be worse

well, you could be tortured, you could have gone there; well,

your bitches are niggers to me, and your money meant nothing to me, and also when you harm a child, asking for more, well i hope you have more, than you should have 

and you're filled to the brim, too much, too fat, and too full of yoursleves and hatred of others, and also of me, in particular, you fucking racist pieces of shit

i hope you like dancing with your gluttonous ass, and I hope to God, you suffer immensely, because you took everything, just for fun, just for being asses, and also for being people who wish they were better than me, you like making people insane

i don't fuck with you, you country pieces of shit, nobody

you disgust me american newsom desantis you deserve to get bitchslapped stop supporting taylor swift you stupid motherfucker you hanging with me don't mean that you hired by fbi to make me insane fuck them up you don't even go there you selfish motherfuckers you enjoy your football star i show you a star in a light david's light you fucking racist fucks you like screaming get that animal on the floor put a three on him and a two drill through the aint with the twelve