as it goes, they wake then they suffocate, arise then they sleep, it's a game to them, so disgusting rapist and angry, altogether racist, noting elemnents of hatred from before, and replicating them,. for fun and money, and to hurt no one but me, just disgustgin, i am a creative genius, none of these violentg weirdos, who want everything by force, they are going to Hell, along with their racist friends, who are already there, like their parents, all variations of skinheads, skinhead mother, skinhead father, skinhead sister, skinhead brother, the most frightening person(s)s who sexually torture, to feel again and that's improper: absolutely disgusting

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wash hands clean and forget how you've raped and tortured Us, The Innocent, in new racist forms

Alanis, they're gross; I wake up and it's like I'm talking to a school shooter, negotiating a peace treaty simultaneously, some of the grossest, dumbest, darkest things imaginable, and they're kids, totally unlike yours, ungrateful, too spoiled, and uncaring for others

but i'm good, it's just that theyt're not, too ugly inside for me to even comprehend

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i hate euthanasia, it's murder and suicide, just like you want for the world, abortion, kill the most Godlike

something is wrong with your heads, fucking robots

now if you care about kittens, then show me why, because i love benny from the block, and he's fucking tough as nails, unlike your pussy? wtf taylor calm the fuck down what is this

disclaimer: the word nigger is from Agatha Christie's auction house, and means that she's scary, but manipulated in certain ways similarly, and autism is used to describe people incapable of understanding, so it's to be euphemized too

Marilyn Manson is a school shooter, just the same