do you think the nyt could remove paywall/ important articles, you can try quickly refreshing then stopping (X) but that only works sometimes, i guess, 

arrest this asshole right now and by right now should have happened, and do not allow this ugly person to kill anyone's innocence, now arrest this little piece of shit, now, and buy now a hope book, and abusers aren't to be toyed with, arrest him now! NOW NOW you lazy, donut-eaters, you pieces of shit, this lowlife, NOW, and by NOW i hope now, and i've always hated him, and i know that he hates you too, and that he kills hopes, but new ones must start, and Godliness only in the face of adversity survives

i hate you ian, you pOS, now arrest this fake child, who ruins everything, and who we are here to destroy, not enable! i am not a toy, do not toy with me, do not toy around, and surreptitious killers ARE TO BE DISAVOWED but to do so the police have to do their job, and we cannot be watching this pedophile, this destructive thing