haters know their hatred, so disgusting and feral so to abuse - so to take so disgustingly so to persecute to feel emotions and to speak so to speak, employing every abuse available abusers have at their disposal rancid tactics, abuse of others to kill and torture, and this constitutes extreme amount of torture to cause and to want to injure, to feel what they aren't, hopeless and scary, the worst humans historically, doing so to medically abuse, causing hatred, to feel emotions, the worst humans historically, absolute animals, the worst thug, someone so disgusting thin and pale, so racist and disgusting, a feral monster, someone who wants to persecute to feel love and, to harm violently to cause chaos to disturb and to injure, thugs who are worthless, antagonistic, and of course very scary

such thuggish standoffish behavior is always rooted in extreme abuse - so disturbing to peaceful sort, to want to kill, and to be aggressive with it, so disgusting and feral, to cast harm physically and to feel what isn't theirs

so disgusting is this and abuse is theirs alone, to confuse to want to be significant, but to feel what they aren't to cause injury and to blind, to want to harm and to do so violently to imprison and to feel what they aren't, powerful (so disturbing so ugly and demeaniung, disgusting and feral--animals, of-animals of the lowest sort and rung, the ones who will be persecuted, not me, and to know their names is so important, like why and how and because and to know why they do not acknowledge their abuse, to know their abuse, and to see it to death - so to say, they aren't kind, are absolutely racist so disgusting,  and dangerous - people who need to be quelled, and abused - it's disgusting {and to know their nature is to know the nature of the disgusting abuser, the particular kind who is obsessed with revenge, not others } {{also, to harm and injure{disturbingly so and to disturb. . with such morbid intentionality andd}{{causing to be abnormal, and to want to be abnormal, but as disgusting as they are, the most abusive humans historically so dangerous so low, , and disgusting on every level so condemnatory and disturbing, demeaning and lying~{abusivie and feral, disgusting and obnoxious dangerous and stupid.  people who harm to kill and people who harm to feel antagony {MI6}{Mina, 2024}, saying this person is the lowest of the low is kind, it's disgusting and demeaning, these sacks of shit will die in hell, but first it's earthly hell for their burning sins, so disgusting and feral, so disgusting and want to kill by any means possible,, including~- so disturbingly{{{their nature is abuse}}}{{{their nature is antagonism}}}{{{so disgusting they go as racists who want to kill and harm to avenge to kill and to feel an unwarranted strength that isn't real, as they say to harm intentionally}}}


Taghdis Attorney

the attorney representing FBI Special Agent Shiva Taghids, UC Irvine's, is her sister, a bitch if i ever seen blood kinda hater

representing her is her attorney's office

the worst in the world,

an object of war is always the one doing the torturing actively so strongly so deceitfully and abusively, always wanting more, to hurt others, and to become what they aren't, superior, as the white shit they wish they are, is themselves, the devils i killed, so disgusting, ugly, sociopathic, and callous, the worst humans historically to ever

so intimidating disgusting and threatening demeaning discrediting and disavowing, the worst humans historically altogether insipid and slanderous abusive and cancerous the worst abusive in mankind, responsible for the Israeli war in subtle ways, including what happened before and after FBI Special Agent Shiva Taghdis's home visit,

she is using her sister and her sister's attorney's office to avenge and forgive herself and them, as the worst disgusting scary standoffish serpentine abuser, the worst abuser historically and probably the least attractive possible to make, as they are reflections of their upbringing and choices

the worst torturers are the ones who do it psychologically ongoing to rape in the past, as they have defended her torture(r)s to say they aren't, just to deny individuality as a group and totality, the worst abusers who want money over to taunt and abuse races, to kill and quell, to abuse and want to be more than they are, assholes and racists people who abuse and change responsibility to torture the United Kingdom official involved, MI6's Mina, who has full permission from the United Nations which you just lost completely and will be prosecuted by in various ways in your dreams doesn't mean Stevie Nicks is yours, to be had, as the worst misogynists and taunters the worst human would say "I love a bitch" and reply with "I hate a bitch" and "stupidity, is life's bitch?"

this disgusting action, is hers, not mine, and she is to say; "I am an abuser, proud and a torturer girl." so to say abuse is gross it really is, to taunt and further oneself at the expense of another, is always to say what you aren't - ,interesting, and to know how stupid you are how ugly you are how foreign you are to Us, the worst strangest abuser historically, as a collective and individually,,-(so terrifying and terrifingly abusive, still, to cast doubt and blameshift, and hurt and feel their vaginas and cocks being, while another bitch twists hers to be one, but that sort of abuse and torture is disgusting so to know they aren't, but they are, and to say a abuser is always, and a person isn't so disgusting as fake such abuse? then stop being? nonsensical jibberjabber and weird and weirdness and weirdos doesn't mean your kindness means, but is obviously pointless  , , to abuse and feel the abuse to torture and feel torture and to win but steal and harm but not be, so disgusting and feral, the worst to say they are but not to say

MI6 {MI6's Mina} http://www.sis.gov.uk/contact-us.html