As an MI6 agent, let me tell you that calling MI6 and MI5 torturer is disgusting, and as an Arab i want to say that i hate you, and i hate you very much for this, and i will see to it personally that all involved in blame-shifting are treated with such disdain that is unthinkably kind (:

these are The CIA who are describing its torture program of MI5 and MI6, so? Final warnings are too imprudent and standoffish no thanks

word is will smith got locked down cause he slapped chris rock and the pussies who defended chris rock, like lilit pogosian md FBI UC Police, CVS Pharmacy, UPS, Taylor Swift, Este Haim, Travis Kelce and his fam, NFL

so we gon go there and negotiate a hostage release, at least in your heads, because you're crazy, like Clement Freud and his enablers historically and presently, this is how it's going to work you're going to negotiate a hostage release Will Smith to show you what it really means to slap a bitch and it is going to be a movie ,Chris, it's going to be a movie, pussy, so go over there, and let Willow Smith handle y'alpl judicially

He does this specifically for me, Will Smith does this specifically for all those wrongeding MI6, wronging MI6's Mina, it's showtime Draymond and Russell and LeBron, it's fighttime indeed, pussies

Last Judgment kinda shit, it's on MI6, it's on The Throne, it's on MI6's Mina, whose set he reppin against who historically, it's Last Judgment Time

BLACK Power, I'll show you a BLACK Sight

i'll be with you shootin don't mean that, this for Mohammed got fucked by his sister, it's Fighttime, show you who is strong, Obviously it's MI6's Mina

he laughed a bit more, and is a bit more pugilistic, so to speak and is protected so strongly and unaffected, the emotional affect is gone, as is his, to suggest perpendicularity of disposition, and haughtiness of those who attacked, those who verbally abused harassed and subjugated sexualities MI6's Mina - it is my choice, as your ruler, and you are to obey, slaves

CIA then spent nearly 40 million dollar in an unprecedented effort to keep torture program documents away about The Salt Pit 

hung on days for end, -choking (psychologically, too, standing for 17 days, no charges still), and -subjects of mock assassinators not allowed to lower his arms for44 hours of 48 hours (on consecutive days)


I love you Russia!!!!!!!! So much more [8 

Here's a link for Russian Babes weirdos and Russians know when to say no please

This is MI6's Mina