Human-Trafficking risk • IMMINENT 

{MI6's Mina}

the methods employed, using guns and impersonation of trusted individuals, is unprecedented

this is a federal operation against me, directly, taking my cards by force, and unable to say pay a phone bill, on my account or on another's, these things are done so quickly, without anyone even noticing

there is a hostage crisis in Camp Justice, actively, because those at the very top are using the same methods with those at the very, very bottom (revealing who they really are!) that larry h parker settlement case is invalid because those same individuals didn't want involvement, suggesting they weren't to me, meaning it could have been fabricate, and them further convicted

the territory isn't yours to start with so don't give that other-locale bullshit

drugs are being used, which can be masked or coded with other drugs, with forced interactions with a doctor of choice, manipulated lines to a trusted individual, masked voices, and that corporation seems like it's swift's and twitter as well,

functioning as a troll farm for those in the federal operation against me, individually, but no one thinks like that, it's extremely odd and makes no sense, it is just a select few

this is a blog, and doesn't necessitate excessive viewing, you know it isn't,  so it's weird to be looking at it in a weird way

there are academic officials involved, not just policemen, and have things to hide, using the federal government, and htey are grave risk of being captured, so aret empoying lethal means now, violating every possible 

it's possible lethal poisoning has been used, as there has been one blackout, totally unnecessary dude, and that could have traumatic, if i didn't take it, because then there would be two individuals involved, so it is important to know that abuse is common, but this isn't something funny to me, because a lot of people are involved against me, plotting destroying and making me talk here, because there have been extremely sophisticated novel masked e-mails, phone calls so bold involving death threats in the middle of the night similarly, and i'm really sad, still, so i think that i could be hurt imminently, using some strange tactic, like an extreme bait-and-switch, like i have never seen a gun, but they're gunholders, so it makes no sense; and it also makes no sense that individuals are scary, but they are, employing brutality now, not police brutality, which this is more than it's brutality at the federal and state levels, involving lies, fake cases, fake claims of injury to the most innocent, and employing fbi agents who have a lot to lose, like those involved in elise's public case with anti-abortion front (this is not that, it's a bubbling term, that's why it's used), and people who hate do so wantonly, meaning at will, so it could happen any minute

fake statements printed, like i'm really sorry for betraying my government, which would be the writers saying that, and them exonerated after, so do not harm, and do not make others sick, just to feel what you want will happen, because it won't

updates on that if your'e interested; it's donezo, ain't interested no more, they got splits on forwards (meaning, if you hate them, they'll still fuck you), it's a double-trick entendre, with the same fool, meaning it's a fool-game, jewel-mocking trailer park-mocking, it's the rich guys, with the really scary guys and girls, to fuck and suck dry, but i ain't dry, kind of situation, but it don't mean that, it's for them to get wet and feel monstrously unhappy inside, doing this for high reasons, basedin some dark shit

pages have been deleted by force, caprciously, but those were mostly on S_uarespace, which should not be used as a domain name registrar, because it employs the same people, like Swift's, and all individuals involved have a deep monetary and sexual connection to the situation, and would rather kill than lie, because it is so damaging, and they're done with, because there are active hostage, me, who revealed active hostages, like i've shown, and i'm going to need a gag order on certain indviduals, no contact to the computer, for certain kids of those involved, their friends and relatives, and the ones feeding them that information, as they are being used as tools of their abuse

recommenmdations (for others, who still can, particularly powerful sorts, who don't have security 24/7, like me, who don't regularly carry cash) walk with multiple sims, conspiciously, with a backpack? i don't think so that makes it look like you're the perpertatror, international currency of known places to kill and quell (like hospitals there will be used, as mental facilities of torture, no passwords on phones, multiple sims with different carriers and same contacts, leaving phones with loved ones with all your information (scary) in a safe place to note, unlocked but always charged, identifying information is not your province you disgusting animal, you leave me alone, and now, your phones run out of battery fast now, lol, airplane wifi satellite phones, you know the impossible dream

there are lot of bully kids, this the lightest word possible for them, they are dasngerous predators stalking taking advantage of children historically, in a vast network, some were introduced to very young

legal threats are nonexistent right now, legal immunity doesn't mean her immunity, avoider, torturer, manipulator, as bad as they come (that's redundant, and obviously childish, those monsters can't claim victimhood, might pretend to be my friend, but are oppoosites, and as i've described the system is a joke, looking back, looking back is so important, lauryn hill (good observation and safety net)

certain sorts hate actively, like why are you there then, and why did you then monstrously predict that; and do you know, and is knowing a song by diana ross that means a lot to us the same as literal knowledge, like if i handed you this, would you literally know, and making fun of proper emotional development, such that some hate ideologies, but i cannot hate anyone who hates me, so do not harm me, and stay away because you're terrifying, and i'm a bit terrified sometimes, like some of the time you hate, and i don't, to clarify do not harm me, who am predicted to be kinder than you, as such hatred seepinglistically harms, meaning you are a scary person, and by scary like that scared me, not really, as such abuse is rarely noted, and i'm not one to be abused, suggesting that I never have been like that, but it doesn't mean that; it means you? it means whom? that kind of stuff? what stuff, stuffing, but you knew that from me, like doing stuff haha but i'm not laughing, am humiliated, but still wondering, does time go? or does it stay? i'm kinder than you, so stay away (is a kurt song or a nirvana song, and is a group a member or/and an individual, because individuality and herd behavior is not my province? no, i'm not weird

they were there including the most prominent, with Ronan Farrow, for contact here, and MI6/MI5 as legal contact, and for help/leads/any interesting information (music, videos, recordings, contact information which has been manipulated already for me, including official documents, i'm entirely compromised, not fine to me, but i found out)

triangulating abuse doesn't mean that, it's an abuse tactic in itself to disorient and seem guiltless

extremely aggressive attorney (you're admitting you're a nigger)

MI6's Mina (Official)