EVIDENCE 1.01 - Not a story, but reality; where have i been; ask and you'll be enslaved,  (this is my work, not yours! accusations aren't real. because they aren't accusations.)

Such disgusting human, you, Taylor Swift, that you told others to cry on your behalf, and paid money to the FBI to handle your abuses; so, let it be known, that I am a victim, not her; she is a criminal. She is being booked into jail, and I thank God for that, and those who enabled that, not the fake victims, who will scream for joy, after all my hard work, and that of my fellow Godly sorts.

People are individuals; Trump is a guy who takes a shit, and Biden is a guy who uses urinals, and Barack Obama wipes.

You are worse than a psychopathic narcissist; you are a woman with antisocial personality disorder, with no emotional features. At this point, you will be arrested, and booked into earthly hells all of you abusers, on behalf of war crimes, documented at the United Nations, and this was my work, with some Helpers.

Taylor Swift is the diametric opposite of me, and that's how this fake puppet gets away with feeling high; she raped me. If you know you know what that means, but I wasn't just shut up, I was fucking humble about it, like a g, not like you, you scary abuser. And her helpers, who were paid off, as a criminal does, and as lowlife abusers do.

I am not your toy, you moocher, derelects; you are scary, a financial torturers, souls that steal because of their fucked up minds, friends, and families, those who enable abusers, those little bitches, lowlives, touchy, unfriendly, fbi-winkers, fbi-sexual-deviants (who like watching rape videos of children, and curse them afterwards to pretend to care; they don't care about their sexual abuses, enabled by the president's leading men, so please know that taylor's unintelligent, violent, Poor Internally (someone who stole my work, alone, for many years, and hid that fact so? So people wouldn't know that fact, also the truth that she is racist (a unproud woman deranged unfriendly disgusting

(she is uncreative, scary, unintelligent, uneducated, dangerous the wrong way -> she will kill someone in her way, and even sued her guitar teacher, who taught her how to play - slandering his lessons that you laugh about afterwards (stealing his work, sometimes literally, and so you must wonder who else has she stolen, whose souls are being tortured for your amusement (she is a racist in combination with these horrible personality, chronic characteristics), who are the other people she's intimidated then (suing your own precious teacher, who still is kind, sue and sue so you feel powerful only, like a Hitler secret-wife

Why haven't you heard from me? She has gang-raped me, with tricks and tools, and intimidatory tactics, all psychological, but it ends up physical; she lied about a rape, not even a touch, (God knows she's not a real victim of any domestic abuse; she has on the other hands documents of abuse from everyone, only sometimes from intimidated, sometimes empowered known Neo-Nazis, say, and unfortunate depressed people (God's I will stay, and you too