The California Medical Board allows rapists to practice psychiatry. (Any psychiatric patient is not able to say when. Every psychiatric patient isn't crazy.)

It itself and its leaders rapes, then.

Patients are never informed by the California Medical Board that their doctors raped someone.

Some of these doctors rape children as a result.

Children do not know boundaries, so the behavior will go unreported.

Sessions aren't livestreamed nor reviewed or even recorded, don't get too hopeful.

Those making the medical decisions at the Medical Board aren't abuse survivors obviously nor do they care. None of the ones who first mull over your deepest hurts and how you feel violated have medical licenses. They're trained in totally unrelated fields, and barely so. You're usually smarter than them. More empathetic, certainly, for even having that courage to describe.

When not raping physically, these doctors, the Medical Board officials, low and high, because of their temperaments, rape psychologically.

Psychological rape is the goal of physical rape. It is taking advantage of the deepest part of a person, their innocence. It can translate into physical torture, as well, with the associated side effects. Not every woman is innocent, without drugs, wine, or kisses, nor is every man. (Johnny Depp played the victim; He is a Satanist's close friend, not a victim of his, and people who hurts others use each other, and he is physically scary. He abused women like this, to make them feel inferior and powerless, and did so on a broad-scale. It really isn't a men's issue. This happens with powerful sorts.) Psychological rape is longer-lasting, closer, and scarier; do not deny the reality of emotional abuse. Men physically abuse. Women emotionally abuse. Often, there's an interplay, but that's what it seems. Not everyone goes to heaven. That is misogynistic. Women are just as evil as men, men just as evil as women. Pedophilia is the taking advantage of innocence, mentally, too. Like any female can be blemish-free, so can any male. It is only recently we've heard of the monsters in the entertainment industry. And it's usually just physical torture that gets revealed. Emotional torture has physical indications, but they're harder to see. It will take longer for the abuse of others to be revealed. Because they can get away with it, it will get worse unchecked. It can happen on a broadscale. People can be brainwashed by leaders. Dictators know what they're doing. It doesn't mean you're stupid. It means their abuse is extremely skilled. As men can abuse, so can women. Women rarely, if ever, physically rape. They can bite and throw, but that's usually to fight back someone who advantages himself. They will seem crazed. Jonah Hill's ex, who claimed abuse, and which must be believed, was hospitalized shorty thereafter. He didn't care. No one did really. The power imbalance allowed her to get brutalized by a doctor. The Medical Board of Hawaii allows him to practice still.

It will go unbelieved, if physical rapists continue to practice medicine without fear, and it isn't a rare exception. If psychiatrists, the closest to the mind, get away with rape, then they'll surely abuse you psychologically; if that goes unchecked, you will be hurt. This isn't just a few. This is a big problem. It needs to be stopped. Believe.

Do victims have the power? Are they able to express themselves? Is there a reason there are so seemingly few? It is so hard to fight back when you're abused. You have to, though. As much as the pain hurts. Fighting back won't get you awards, it may injure you. You'll seem fraudulent while the powerful take advantage of your pains. Just because someone says they know your pains, it's difficult to commiserate. It doesn't make sense when you put forth all your effort and get no results

Abusers choose victims wisely, not obvious ones.

They abuse people who can't fight back; it's the nature of abuse.

They abuse skillfully. Physical abuse is rare because it will be stopped. Emotional abuse is common. It is not believed, as the abuser tends to the powerful one. Victims are the most innocent, and least able to fight back. So it continually occurs.

Women are just as culpable as men. They are more believed, though, but shouldn't be. Each gender has the capacity to evil. Misogyny makes you think that men are innocent. They are not. They abuse and women aren't believed as abusers as a result.

It can be a scary person from anywhere. From the businesswoman, businessman, physical education teacher, female rapper, trans rapper, church, atheist temple, mosque, synagogue. Abusers will wear a mask to continue. The religious one. The family-oriented one. The no-one complains one. There's a reason no one's complaining. Victims do not speak up. And you will not hear about it. Just ignored completely when it happens. It isn't a weak-person thing. Abuse victims are strong. Because they're strong, they will not be able to be scary. Strong people aren't scary. They take the hits.

And this abuse is prolonged by abusive people who have the power to end it, the power to abuse in tandem. Their lies will be believed, as they're where the power lies. Because of this power imbalance, the abuse can become worse. If they allow abuse to go on and on and on, they will laugh in your face.

Those most in touch with their emotions are the most vulnerable. Not all are innocent. The most innocent is the one least corrupted by evil. She and he will have refused self-destruction. Their innocent souls remain. Physically, that's not where the gold lies for the abuser. It is the innocence their after, from the unblemished, those who still haven't self-destructed as society urges them to. Taking advantage of innocence restores theirs, makes them more wholesome, as the innocent seems weak to the others for forcing themselves to express their emotions, which works to help the abuser further to take their energies. The person in power wants to torture you emotionally. The most innocent, the most emotional, the least believed, and the abuser is the most believed. Who is the most believed? Does everyone have the propensity to sin? Men sin just as much as women. They aren't to be absolved because of their genders. It's not just verbal taunts; it's sophisicated because it has to be. There are tricks. Like men can abuse on a grand-scale (think Stalin, Napoleon, Trump), so can women. Power is sought in different ways. Yes, a woman can abuse a woman emotionally, as a man abuses another man. Do you know a girl who's ever made you feel bad? They're so misogynistic that they'd hurt a man, too, then. Females abuse their children, sometimes, and isn't just in the case of Postpartum Depression. That's so well-documented. But usually they don't hurt their own. I remember some of those teachers, not the bad-grade ones, but the super-strict ones. They're often enabled by men in power to threaten innocence.

I'm not a misogynist, so I have to say that women and men are equally sexual. As there are male deviants, there are females. Male deviants rarely act on their urges. Female deviants never do. When they see innocence, they will take advantage of it to feel good. When their bodies feel good, they act like angels. They are not. Anyone who seems innocent but actually indulges in self-destruction, hug, kisses, vino, is not a truly innocent person. They seem to be. It is because the innocence is gained from their horrors. A person can be a child at any age. A person can seem like a child at any age. Unless you're a parent, you need to leave kids alone generally. Don't let them reveal their vulnerabilities to you. Seeing their insides.

Because of this, it doesn't mean you end your innocence.  You have to stay pure. They'll urge you to corrupt your souls, with lures of sex and drinks. This is a way to destroy your innocence, and for them to take it from you.

Stay individual. 

Stay yourselves.

Do not allow people to throw themselves at you, and fight back.

Your innocence and saintliness are the most important things in life.

Believing in God is innocence.

Atheism is its destruction. Stay away from people who try to make you destroy you.

There is only one you.

Priests? The ones most privy to your secrets? Why do you trust them? They're just men and women who went to a School of Theology. 

Some have good intentions.

Some care.

Some want to help you. Some don't.

Some will take your innocence. They'll make themselves happy at the expense of your emotionality, exposed without anyone there, without any concerns.

There are people to help. There are spiritual people.

There are the meek.

The meek cannot fight back.

But they'll inherit the earth, right?

How do you make it stop when it happens? How do you fight back? Can you regain innocence? No. Can you warn others? Yes. Can you express yourselves? Yes. Can you tell the abuser to stop? Not really, sillies. They're more powerful. It enables them more. There are ways to get them physically out of your lives, but once they amass too much power, that's not possible. Legal remedies aren't going to work all the time, as the police like drawn-out things and don't believe you immediately you either, and rarely if it's emotional, which it usually is. Documents and paperwork and evidence. Evidence. Lots of that. And keep proving on and on, until you might be believed, but the powerful person, who flashes the cash and leaves you for some rando who doesn't believe you either, but hurts you in the same way, takes control over the situation. You now seem crazy. And you're forgotten but everyone but yourself. Don't go, though. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

When you hope things can get better, and trust the world is a hopeful place, you can be happy. And that's the last resort, God.

Did a woman ever hurt a man in the Bible?

What gender was the serpent?

Find people who know you, believe you, and love you. Not a fucking random therapist. You pay them the money, then they don't give a shit. If they wanted to help people truly, they'd work at fucking homeless shelters, and not pay so much for med school or that phd program. Some care.

Or you can seriously screw them up. You'll seem violent. You'll seem threatening. But it's bullshit. Abuse victims don't revenge. They know pain, so they want you to get better. Is there medical treatment for abusers? It's something that needs to be worked on.

Abusers, all narcissists, need to be fucked up medically. It's the truth. Put them on mental holds until they stop screwing you over, but right now your emotionality, your self-defense will put you where your emotions will be subjugated and you can't fight them or the imprisoner for that matter back. Not good. Those are the scary people, not you. They're the victims you want to be. 

Art's a method. It's active and goes on. It keeps you alive. Real artists don't talk about shit, they make shit. When you do that, you open yourself up, though. The abuser will notice it, and chase you down. They'll credit themselves for the abuse, basically. You'll seem like the victim, some might actively say they're victimized, and others will play it.

But keep on hoping. You have to be a revolutionary, and find the holes in the power structures. Make yourselves powerful. Fight those who've wronged you. Things can change. Go higher and higher and higher. Do not stop. Eventually, you'll find someone who will care. Make them. They can fuck them up for you, hopefully! They know how to solve this shit. Not those pussies at the bottom or very top sometimes, but the ones who run shit. If they don't make changes, sit on their fucking armchairs, and play it smart and quick, don't let people, those in powerful positions, make you look violent or abnormal. Take care now, and good fucking luck b!tches and pr!cks.