(avoid people who hate you. everyone hates you. you are not worthy. you will be jailed if you are not good enough. you are not good enough. you harm! you damage brains! you are scary! you are an abuser! you deserve to die! you are the worst! you are the devil! you are not good, and only consume...this is an abuser, good luck [unnamed threat, identified - thoughts on group abuser that prevents action])

When people are attacked, institutions are, too. When institutions don't feel safe, people are in trouble. Do not trouble the untroubled. Doing so makes them dependent on you. You are not to abuse. You are not to be abused, also. Hopes are forever, and that's for sure!

No person is protecting monetary interests. Person who loves money perishes. Politicians are not allowed to be bought, nor sold to children, by a person who is historically apolitcal/anarchist, which is unusual.