stop scapegoating

you can only protect white nationalism for so long

you're obviously not led by kanye west

he is taylor's puppet. you are protected and led by taylor swift.

she owns his soul and reputation and you are abusing on her behalf

stop the fighting, stop the antisemitism, there is no need for that and make sure no one gets hurt because violence and vengeance and generalized stupitiy are to be avoided always and make sure no one gets hurt again and make sure the white nationalist movement ends without anyone getting hurt 

war is not to be conducted. 

no one should fight.

all religions are dead.

fight for God.

Do not support religious violence. Do not support fighting. Do not hurt anyone in the guise of hurting someone else and proving your race to be superior. That is stupid. The country's White Nationalist leader is Taylor Swift. It is not a joke. She doesn't stop any of it. Ask who the biggest idol for a White Nationalist it isn't Kanye West, it's Taylor Swift. They hate blackies, it's a thing of theirs. Hiding articles isn't the right thing, as happened, ACLU noted. This makes people not able to fight back. People need to know what's going on to stop it if you don't!

Sunday Service was for Jews, too. Many attended! That was super recent. He isn't trying to inculculate anyone! No one became Christian afterwards! None! It's a means to save souls, and make people find their ways home.

Amber Rose is Jewish! He loves Jewish men, women, and the children especially. Mason Disick doesn't hate Kanye West, nor does Kanye West banish him to Hell nor tell him that a cowardly suicider is worth shit. Living is important. Death is, too. It's much more important. It's what living leads to. -->

 They are trying to kill Kanye West. He is not religiously bigoted and only bigots know how to harm religious liberties, and make sure no one hurts in the name of Taylor Swift, because most of the racism dedicated to any celebrity online has been dedicated to Kanye West in the name of Taylor Swift, who denies any effort to stop it, not publicly taking ANY stance that is coherent enough to end the bigotry, the racist taunts Kanye West endured because of your treatment of him

Reports of antisemitic terrorism were up. People are confident to report them. Kanye West doesn't cause them. He inspires no one. No Kanye West fans are antisemites for this reason. He is used to disavow Blacks, Jews, in the names of Whites. Most of the reports about Kanye West being hurtful are from people who are not Jewish. Judaism entails contemplation. Not violence. And certainly forgiveness. Everyone is empowered not to act out their fantasies

He kills the antisemitism by letting them act out their fantasies through them. What's the biggest fantasy? Having a person who has always been hurt by White Nationalists to be their spokesperson

It's not real. If you look at ANY of Kanye's lyrics historically, you'll see they speak of killing the Klan, living for his Father, a revolutionary Black Panther photojournalist . He has never denied his confidence. As such, he hasn't lost touch with his skin color?

Does that make any sense?

Are his kids antisemitic? Are his fans?

Has the movement starting against antisemitism again? Could this have happened if people merely spoke about it, as it's always been? If Kanye was antisemitic, he would be White. Don't point fingers. He is who he says he is. Do you seem preparing a presidential campaign? Are those fervent politicans who like White Nationalism relegated to his command now? Is a Black man misdirecting them? That is what's going on to some extent. More importantly, when someone hurts someone, others will be hurt, and no one will know the details of these attacks and make sure you end them, because our time on Earth is short. It ends in a few years. Nothing will happen after you die. The world will vanish. There's nothing to preserve here. You will lose your good afterlife slot. It'll not be replaced with cowardly lions, your scary friends, who get you drink and high and who you tarnish the bodies of through sexual activities, because, stupid people, they won't be there. Your bodies will vanish and you'll be left with your soul. It depends on how good you've lived. If you want good, you do good. Stop analyzing. If you want bad, you'll get it. Stop begging to destroy your soul eventually. The fun you have is temporal. It makes no sense. Focus on the end. When you die, you will be judged. You will have your soul separated from your body. You will be treated with justice, not revenge. God is nice, not scary. Please move over to our side. It's peaceful. Not scary. Please? I think you'll like it. Sometimes, we work all day, and stop having fun and that's really cool!

It cuts both ways. After September 11th, a lot of immigrants got sick. People vomitted after being manhandled by Foreigners at airports. They cried themselves to sleep, thinking did my heart break? Will it come back? Am I human or now an animal? Some went back home. They didn't feel welcomed. It's a big thing.

White Nationalists seize on the quietest, the least able to fight back. They do indeed need to be classified as a gang, like any other, and that would be a good deterrent. They still recruit members, and that shouldn't be allowed.  When they see sad people, they make them sadder. It's really sad.

Who do you think goes through more in America? Some Middle-Easterners

Don't start infighting. Don't make people feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

People don't need to fight.

It's scary.

Don't bring the war here. That's for another place. And don't cheer violence of any kind, and don't cause it, too, either ways. Because when you make the world want to fight for any reason, I get sad. I don't like fighting.

It makes me think of times when I was in UCI and there was this mad lady who always led me on and always trickled details and always grabbed me by the throat. Then, strangers felt compelled to capitalize. I wasn't existing. I wasn't allowed to. I told them stop. They said we have to. Then they did, they taunted and abused. They laughed, and made others confused and angry like them, too, more often. They allowed scary people to reinforce old systems. When someone has power, they abuse it. Power is sought by abusers, and the little man is never believed and she follows paths that lead elsewhere forever

Stop taking advantage of people who can't live fully because of you and learn that despair is not your forte. It is a mockery. It is not healthy. It is not strong. It is angry and I don't tolerate it. And I do not love you as a person even, and I never think that about anyone, it's just you. That means you're violent and violating others. It's not all about me, it's about others who go through or will go through your tyranny. It is not healthy. Health is self-expression and living freely and happily, without anyone dictating how, and letting othersl earn and improve themselves and learn how to fully be happy

When someone is angry, he loses his soul and becomes Satanic. Do not fall victim to Satan's ways. He is evil. He tells you you're not worthwhile. He makes you feel small and cowardly.

Small attacks. Small destructions. This shouldn't be happening in the States and others need to know that fighting isn't good, and that only love is valued in God's eyes, and that everyone who hates will not live happily at the end of the day, and hurting anyone is pointless. POINTLESS

Do stay safe and make sure your hearts are kind