this is a war

against love

against me

the ultimate lover

a person, who hates Taylor Swift, White Supremacy, and American White Nationalism and Skinheads worldwide AND consider this a war offense against HAIM

not me, who has defeated the Devil, Taylor Swift

HAIM is not a terrorist group, only Taylor Swift and her musical banking corporate racist helpers,

and this a war to kill the most peaceful, the Most Spiritual, those who stand against Torture RAPE-ISTS so disturbingly they provoked me, every day, tried to kill me

but as Kanye West says, nigga please

the other pages are not a work in progress? they'll be up again, just not hijacked umm one was i think just one contact mi6 and mi5

because of your actions and words, CAIR has been unable to gather hate crime records, like mine, uncle's, in particular the parents' bereaved, collectively, like me, you could say, of what could have been during your abuse, which will be stopped, incising numerous stab wounds to a child, who could have been President, unlike Taylor Swift and her helpers, but like M.I.A. and Alana Haim and Me and Maggie Rogers, who retains musical authority

along with the antisemitism, you did drum up a bit no? against greedy sorts, angry sorts, vengeful sorts, all rooted in your Satanism, and all your false idols broken similarly