"Taylor Swift likes to think of herself as apolitical, but it's no secret that neo-Nazis worship her as their Aryan goddess."

Taylor A. Swift doesn't care about Black people.

Black people make up the majority in Brazil. Over half of the nation's 215 million inhabitants—56 percent or about 120 million people—are Afro-Brazilian, making the country home to the largest Black population in the Americas.


Do you care about how you treat others, who look different, more or less melanin? Taylor doesn't. She is a Nazi; they call her that. Her history of racial abuse against Kanye West (documented - Famous is not "revenge porn," not a cute term, a derogatory term to make Blacks feel inferior, and Whites to see them as aggressive. The same at the Video Music Award show, where she used a trivial moment, to become famous, and springboard her career, at the expense of Beyoncé, and Black Freedom Fighters, like Kanye West and his father, former Black Panther photojournalist Ray West, and his mother, a professor of African dialects.) was a springboard to the White Nationalist's revitalization, and current mobility in America and overseas.

Unlike you, who fights against racial microagressions personally, she altogether rejects them in favor of violent racist actions, that spread like wildfire, because she's so racist, so subtly aggressive and scary and demonic, a textbook narcissist, but one who hates everyone besides her own. She is from Nashville, where she began her career as a country musician. She then became the honorary country musician to co-opt every other genre. She isn't just accused of racism, she is a racist. Racism pervades country music, and it doesn't sound good, like Christian music, unlike Kanye West's, the strongest spiritual force, today. Both genres are rooted in Satanism.

She hides her affiliations with known racists: Tree Paine (never repudiates worst influence on race relations in the music industry, and promoted his work knowingly, not slavishly), Matty Healy (who hasn't been accused of racism, but is).

When people complain of her racism, she duct tapes them and sends them death and suicide threats, lyrically and by proxy. 

The fact that there are complaints from members of different cultures and colors about her racism means she has that effect, that she's a racist. You cannot deny your effect on other people, like Matty Healy did, and she never does. It's a way to obfuscate the truth, create more racism, and deny the personhood of others, in more overt, but subtler, worse racism.

Take a look at my picture collection, my work, which was posted a long time ago, somewhere her attorney knew about, because I told him about it, to stop her not from going or acting crazy, a pejorative in itself, but to stop being a sexual deviant, Kennedy-dater (he was underage at the time of the assault).

She never gets strapped with hate crime charges, only reverses them, as a typical abuser; don't be so abused and minimized as not to, to be "tokens," and don't appease those finanically satiated by her, those who betray you too, but don't forget your struggles for a White Racist. Words?

Her father is an avowed racist, who doesn't meld with drug dealers; but the thing is he was the Facebook guy, because the Swift team swiftly deletes to fabricate her image and control it, as a billion-dollar con-artist (who steals, btw. alot).

Unfortunately, you have no lived experience, you are lying, you don't help others, you are not who you say you are, and you're not the leader in this field, who won't be abused because of that position, nor persecuted like Kanye West for stopping your White Nationalism as a Black Klansman (funny?).

This language is incendiary, and when unpunished, leads to hate crimes, unpublicized by racists. Any Swift connection, as I've displayed with Gavin Newsom, of California? Obviously not a Kanye West one, at least you can say it this time; you murdered more Blacks because of your racism (fake artist, unartistic, not creative, and negligible truly.)

It's happend for a while; I will not be subjugated, nor laughed at, called crazy, stupid, inane, represented by Uncle Toms, and I will fight for truth and freedom, not torture and narcissism, Satanism.

Don't be fooled; don't be suppressed; you are violent and scary, not me. Also, I do exist; I am not invisible, but physical, real, not fake, unintelligent, as you are. Because I've proven my genius, have no secrets, unlike you; you are tricky and scary, and still have abuse programs against me (minority that cares), whomever befriends a racist? Some are subjugated? Think individually, and don't reverse the accusations (like racists do).

Biden, feral, and Barack, who denies Muslismness, and Dr. Donald J. Trump, who is soon to exterminate Muslisms, by banning, and everyone who is scary, unfair, and persecutory; you aren't good people, you know what, and rely on tricks and abuses (White Nationalism has coded targets, and coded leaders.) Racist programs, demonstratively, still exist in the United States; the CIA Torture Program has moved into the FBI's, as well, and the Selectee List has too many weird-sounding names, but not Hunter's, a cocaine-addict, drug dealer, gun-swinger, adulterer, dangerous, unsteady man, who, too, re-wrote history already, like his father, and saving countrymen. (stop abusing health terms, as a hero-complex, and pop-fiction psychiatry is unintelligent, and stupid, like you and yours.) I'm more intelligent and am more symmetrical than your family, including you, so intellectually unattractive: no thanks, to you-strange-abuser.

Many abuse victims are deceived by Taylor Swift, and many subjugated people are too, it's super obvious, folks, and the fbi doesn't fuck with anyone but sex crime victims; they know you've been raped, they do agree with you, you are believable, and they obviously just wanna watch you describe your rapes, to aggressively rape others; they're just police; main motivation in life is Evil, Revenge (like Swift). don't be domineered. and the president at the top? guess what? ultimate cop - committed to having fun, day or night, working or not.

Selectee List • Presidents Obama and Biden

CIA Torture Program Awarded Employees • Presidents George and George W., Clinton-enabled