i don't fuck with u or urs, so don't try, so don't lie to rewrite history, like colonialsm, british authority you aren't, and you'll probably  see, that you shouldn't fuck with me nor my legacies,

you shallow, unaccomplished boyish thing

you racist twat don't start something won't be nothing, but you did, nigga you slid, you ain't supposed to support niggas that give each other sids, and i'm blessed, you are not, as you've been stressin over blessings, meaning you're obsessed with revenge, just like yours, who i repudiate, and i don't fuck with old ladies, actually, unlike u

the hood speaks, not yours, though; as your family been investigated, the royals aren't your toys, and i'm royal, not you, who'll be enslaved in a cave, of your own making? no a criminal one, you stranger