"i wonder when, oh it's time"

this kinda bitch scary as hell walks with two passports three ids and a case of you on repeat, stay away from that woman, and also please do not near nor approach her, as she is a white nationalist and the white nationalist is not a good person, Believe It signed to XO, a record label, they're based out of Toronto, Canada, so do know that, and also know where and who your family is talking to at all times, as kidnappings are imminent if not then-ongoing, so do hard work emotionally and don't give in at the last second

we'll need to see if Sasha Spieblerg has left that house for a home, and how often Lilit Pogosian MD is in contact with others and her guises provided by whom

(if bipolar3.com doesn't work duh try putting www

it appears that Lilit was or is employed by TS so as to abuse me directly and/or others concurrently, as she is a white nationalist, someone so extremely scary and abusive that she might kill me with a pill proven to be unnecessary and/or to be armed and dangerous

i advocate for 3-4-way-phone calls always record abuse, it's standard procedure, such that MI6/MI5/Japan, alliedprotectivelyUnited Nations numbers analyzedai so bad these days, that a nigga spilled a gun on a bitch to bea nigga, it ain't work that way it ain't no rundmc shit neither ain't supposed to wear that adidas three stripes ever since ye left, shit b-i-n ain't worth it no more, they tanked swear military scary af

this is a structured attack, starting at the ways that matter, with abusive politicians (aspiring non-starters), artists representing white nationalism, namely financed by Taylor Swift, attacking those with voices that matter (online), technologically using means, it's a pussy war they fought, as America was so naturally decayed, Spiritual Americans abused by tyrants and abusive in its very structure itself, so as to invoke a restrained response that can restore elegance's very nature, Spiritual Propriety, and to also know those sorts involved are particularly scary for a reason, they are not politically motivated nor financially, strictly off-putting 

klan sort of dead since mlk days, they're just reps renamed "ugly and scary" "manic and vulgar" "violent and scary" "torture and manic" "manic torture" "torture maniacally" "manic torturers" these people are fucking scary, no one does that racism anymore, it's what's underneath that matters to them, not making sense violating norms for hurting others, for no reason, so they've joined together to form a wide-ranging group of satanists, all of whom just brutalize

this nigga got problems, thinks he a solve a bitch's problem with niggas doin it for the slavekeeper, ain't work like that; here's how we do it in the hood; we strapped we fight when a nigga come on us, so you bring a fucking white man ima fucking slap a nigga, what you think this gon do when he did it already