Because of the nature of my work, any copy any mention any hacking any research any discovery against my will will be classfied, similarly, as contempt of me, suggesting a perpendicularity (haha parallelism) to WikiLeaks, and is to be treated similarly, and punished just the same

The Australian government is not bad, Australia is one of the few English-speaking countries, and may have been compromised similarly and likely has been, even just by a rando eponoymous one

The United Kingdom's system of rule is currently dividing against the monarchy and that's altogether strange, just irks me as a casual bystander, and to know that the world can be considered Pangea, still, and that I'm the current leader of Pangea

Terrorists living in the United Kingdom like are terrifying here, initially, then there, so this a stoppage of that before it happens (and the attempt to ostracize their enemies, the Godly, as happened with Kanye West already, but not completely, and still has not stopped, as helped by Fivio Foreign and DaBaby and 6ix9ine and kodak, it's interesting, and important to world history books)

when you free a persecuted person, is that person always good, does persecution make someone always good

abusers don't make you, you don't abuse to abuse, that's more abuse

i don't think m.i.a. hates me, so she doesn't hate you, but that doesn't mean that

it means she opposes vehemently those who aren't me and you, the Devil

they steal everything, God doesn't talk to you, they stole that and Drs. Jamison's and Ghaemi's work, corrupting it with the help of Marilyn Manson (Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Mrs. Pfizer) making people hate themselves for fun, and are so cheap, nothing Egyptian, nothing I want to be associated with, nor my people, those who are Spiritual and Hardened, not those who are so cheap, the victims, the Innocents you've killed how many kids just the same way perverts who are all violent it's not about kids, it's about violence against The Holy Church, which the Holy Cross killed with me, together, For God