Shaquille Islamic not O'neal Surfing .

Daisy says LV and YSL are appealing because they're new letters, not two nor three, corruptions made to entice children who feel strange and disappointed around those things for a reason LV does go on sale, to employees, of course, but Burberry is better

Who said M.I.A. hates Jay-Z, because she's really cool, and perhaps she wasn't even talking to Shawn Carter if so,

I'd also like to note impersonation is a big thing, you are not an eloquent doctor, sir ma'am etc., you are a disgusting person known to be violent and impersonate, to incriminate with racist tactics, abuse learned from Taylor Swift and her then friends and partners, many satanic many nationalists many Islamophobes, like Matty Healy, and, not to mention, Joe Alwyn, criminals of the highest sort

you were obviously trying to ensare many, you crooked FBI-CIA-Similars, and have tried so damn hard, and fell so damn hard, proving what a stupid collective Devil you were, now just stupid satanists or swifties or mansons

these are bad writers, abusers of language, and of people: collectively to stay away from The Innocent

you dumbass participating simultaneously with others well even if you kill this nigga, you can't kill Us, The Innocent, Truly So asinine weirdos, lowest of the low, defeated them enitrely, so stupid and foul your deathly odor, like Marilyn Manson's, Tree Paine's friend and helper throughout, don't mistake me as soft, I am Godly

mohamed's ana el batal would be violent if i put it next to Lil Durk's "Street Prayer," and AhaHa is an Imogen Heap, and "No Security" by Skepta

be nice to your friends! i've been patient enough, sara bara

i used to eat hot cheetos, now hot hos

this is funny

i think he as our ip and vpn too

maia, political nonsense

thank you MI6 for saving me before Shiva dumped me in the lake, and also Derren is ugly - he's kind of you know pudgy - and mina is pudgier - i don't budge i stand firm with God

anyway, i have your name hypnotist at the las vegas strip club most of the time, i really like you and you are cool