Just because I'm a guy didn't mean you women had to rape me; you got away with raping your whole gymnastic team, three times, and not again - do not try me, you violent fux disclaimer bc: for guys, Middle-Eastern guys, for Christians, it's a lot different, just the same, but so violent, too wives, parents, little girls, their friend(s); you keep your satanic asses away from me Black hate was in your parents literal lifetimes, but that's transitioned into greater Middle-Eastern hate, and still allowing Black hate, because it was never fully suppressed, because of intimidating masks

USC's a good campus, though, and I think Tyndall (great job with the homicide-suicide thing) was a plant because government had knowledge from past reports ignored of course (as is policy right now, still)

no i'm not your toy, you're ignorant and a ploy, someone who thinks power is a joy, just to destroy

well, know, that eye can see your hatred, from very far away; it is so stupid, as to divert my gaze

someone who would know, your lies are abuses, and I do not tolerate conartists

thought more fluently, do know that I can see those who know who help is, and that help isn't just a movie, but a place, a story, a thing ( something that would never make sense to you

the cia torture program is concluded

and in place this 1 program I uncovered from before, long before, man, combining aspects learned in later torture programs, was instituted, so I had to stop it, involving local officials, corporations, individual torturers, but it's noted

paid to torture on such a local level

good luck at The Rose Bowl with those dogs, seemingly parallel to the abuses of yours I witnessed there in your fabrications, just the same, to be treated as racially based also, so it's a new active new active it doesn't work like that, and all parties are guilty you can talk to dr. martin about that (not the show, trust funds?)

so when you need help, don't turn to ghostbusters, idiotic violents, not Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, who has abandoned those betrayers completely, as each woman and man and person have decided to betray her, but, guess what, MI6's Mina noticed (bet you didn't expect that, and you've been abandoned by every artistic figure currently, actor, comedian, Ms. Zelda Williams considers you all equally brutal, that's not a good thing :) )your abuses have been noted your attempt to betray Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison to feel important and special, is just super annoying and perplexing; losing the best doctor in the world is not a good decision, is rooted in misogyny, your treatment of women, as family members and friends, marrying yourself to racism and abuse, and just like that Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison is out of your medical field, but it doesn't mean that, and I as a human do have to apologize for their collaborative torture to her, as a person who hates cannot do so without knowing what hatred feels like, right that you know, and a person who loves cannot love without having a reason to, and you know what, my reason is? I can't tell you

Just one state of hatred? and you try to be funny emotional geniuses, in talking about her mood state as too perplexing to understand, having schizophrenic qualities, this hatred is from where, so all individuals are culpable; take care doesn't mean you take cair, and take doesn't mean give, at this point all individuals are not suspected of terrorism, but are terrorists; Full Protection Provided! His majesty, knows His Majesty, as I do, as We do

At this point, any country involved can consider a terrorist organization in its entirety

Levi's wants that back, and repudiates this terrorist organization, with Dr. Nassir Ghaemi

The reason no literal statements are made is because your terror is so active, scary and actively abusive (to be sure, such abuses are unprecedented historically, making kids scream instead of want to help others, advantaging your dirt that they should be able to stay away from, but are forced currently to be near, and that's illogical)

it's akin to stopping someone from flying (the no-fly list), just for them to trapped in terrorism, which should be repudiated, like I have and am fine, because I've already Peacefulness

The Holy Church hates you so much you plastic women, those who repudiate nuns everyday, and consider you The Devil, women who have betrayed The Holy Church, and pray actively to kill The Devil; all conflicts can be stemmed from this abuse, making inferiority, not just allowing it, but forcing such anger, a force not to be touched, but actively, meaning these sorts want an abundance, a surfeit, to overwhelm Kindness, but it can't be, when One Has Been Spiritual Entirely