don't harm! don't yell for Old Yeller, scorn the people you falsely embolden, torture with tainted pilfering, reactionary stances rooted in pedophilia, destructive tendencies based in frivolity, and a rejection of propriety for to rescind a soul is to attempt to destroy God, and that won't happen under my watch, as I love God, and subscribe to Spirituality and, yes, for good measure, Godliness

Rulers of the world are the artists. Real artists don't support murder, lol Taylor. Real artists are against murder, like John Lennon. He, however, imagined no heaven, no hell, no religion, too, so he isn't a role model, nor that smart (sartorially). If you don't like it, don't wear mine, my creations, which are Godly!

Killing others, and spitting when you talk, those are hallmarks of racism, Satanism. Do not subscribe to murderous ideologies, and reject wars! Protect yourselves from violence by being mature adults! Let's talk it out, and if you stole an original idea, you are the same as me, Godly.

i hate Hate. The ability to say that proves Godliness!

Please stop "casting spells," as Taylor thinks is worthy of approbation in Latest Promo (Antisocial Media for $1/month, which is a scam site, but to each their own :/ )