"It's understood that he was a supervisor who was in charge of making sure other security knew what they were doing at the Lincoln Financial Field stadium - where controversy erupted and Taylor Swift shouted at him through her microphone."


Time 4 Fun is honest, so they are being manipulated by Taylor Swift, and she doesn't care that much about the deaths (?) she murdered two people and injured so many (and is trying to make it seem that if anyone talks, they get in trouble; that's why injured people aren't talking)
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when i say the private jets are "hers," what do you think I mean? she literally bought them, not rented them! they are hers, that's why they have her design on them (ahem, her narcissistic name), she didn't loan them out; because when you loan a bad album, you are still the owner

at least the victim isn't from 3LW (who just had a quieted HBO documentary released about this very issue; where did it go?) literally, because then she or he (be nice) would be angry as a woman can get as a Black woman can be, as a Black man can. she was accused of racism by people because she plagiarized "Shake It Off" from them, mocking their and our innocence; she didn't the bold plagiarism lawsuit redacted, it was SETTLED by her team secretly, as she is a coward, and didn't even mention it, just manipulated it - that's after she said she "had never heard" of the entire song (which was major to colored people everywhere, and that video has been noted to be racist.) and she never settles, remember that

These are rape offenses of entire cultures who are richer and superior, and not meant to feel or look inferior, nor to have this kind of hatred internalized; offenses are military strategies she employs to be didactic?

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T4F Entretenimento S.A.

Rua Cristiano Viana, nº 401, 15º andar - Pinheiros, CEP 05411- 000, São Paulo - SP Tel: (55 11) 3576-1370

Equipe de RI

Fernando Luiz Alterio – CEO
Diego Marcelo Parente – Diretor Financeiro e de Relações com Investidores
William Gomes Martins – Gerente de Controladoria RI
E-mail: ri@t4f.com.br

they aren't sick; sickness unto death is a philosophy book, to that effect; that means a spiritual questioning isn't necessarily ? 

Time 4 Fun is not a toy to be toyed with;l it is not a rubbish event company it is responsible for major events around the world, is run brilliantly, and they are not to be toyed with, nor abused, as well.

Do not mock anyone's intelligence; the media is run by people who hate some others, and have personal vendettas, and can be manipulated, rapidly shifting news cycles

if u can't access their website, it isn't because they don't want you to; it's because thety have nothing to hide.

just click and get there, don't be deceived by teams of hypnotic narcissists (like the leader, Swift)

Fernando Alterio, the Vice Chairman of Time For Fun (not a balloon-inflating company), is an inspiration not someone who manipulates markets (a la Taylor)

She isn't supported politically, only by a few, and articles are not accurate, misinformation they are, and should be blocked!

This isn't anything but evil

Founded in 1983, T4F – Time For Fun is a Brazilian entertainment company, being the third largest live entertainment company in Latin America and one of the largest in the world according to Billboard, T4F also won the Top International Promoter 2009 done by the Billboard Touring Awards. The company operates in the concerts, theaters, art events, family and football sector in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.