We are citizens, too, with residents there, so "he" meaning has this great attorney, who represents not you, but Us, God

a "court"-appointed attorney, and works for as i said, because the oath has been violated openly in cases to protection of the satanic temple, it is not representative of God and such blame-deflection, as "asshole" "fossils" "green beans - fosolia" is incredibly predatory, and stop trying to assault me and doing so, gross

there is food assault, too, to stop normal functioning, and weird analyses, and rape of taste buds, too, studying orders, to pervert and steal healthy cooking, to cure her intermittent fasting? 

but if "the judge" is predatory then predation isn't entirely the same, as multiple elements of torture are not always evoked, but in the past and now

and you'll even use a cross that has been unblessed by _, to act like you're praying, but it's to victimize, not your Innocent Victims

weird to make me look scary

they want to get away with abusing women, so they abuse men, and rape children, to enable predatory 

 i like australia; the snow don't fall in june, but i know the dew of the morning because i know how to behave and i also know how you've hurt them, by pretending to be a hero, but also a traitor, by lying about who and when: like when you hated Kanye West, did you try to abuse a good leader to ban him? and was that ban analogous to the terror you promote to me