i don't

know how to handle you at your worst, nor at your best, that means you're nowhere near emotionally-able,

taking advantage of someone's innocence,

stealing someone's, is virtually the same as any other disgusting action of yours, 

abuser, do not come near me, but you do, you act tough and that's not really funny, 

you are scary!

peevish, aggressive, scary, monstrous, unremarkable, ever-so-frightening 

you are not a good person! you are a bad person, not like bad-good, but bad-bad! You are not to have fun with people, as they are not your posessions, and that is not my being possessive, which is impossible. You need to find a way to get help for others, because these people are domestic terrorists, not good people. You will see to it that these individuals are treated properly, that they get treated. You will not find medication to help these, only imprisonment, until they are treated. You will not abuse others, this way, and this way you will be safe from her. You and she and her are hardly the same, altogether different; sometimes, abusers work together, handling different aspects. Waiting and doing nothing, to do nothing, is horrifiying. You are an abuser, who needs the same imprisonment, urgently

I found people who are corrupted! They need to be fired immediately! They found death threats, didn't look at them, almost thought they were funny at first glance, then decided to watch someone else, watch themselves, watch others, watch people, watch personalities, watch things, watch hearts, watch money, watch scary videos, watch fake videos made by fake fans, watch scary people become aggressive in strange places at strange fake artists, watch scary people take credit for saving others, watch themselves laugh maniacally when they don't do anything really, watch people sell things that are weird, watch angry people become angrier