it looks like FBI seized Google Domains by force and in a similar means, they weren't able to recover from 

i registered recently, with Google Domains, proving the transfer was by force (ICANN check), and rape me by force like happens credit is not to be stolen given to UK nor Taylor Swift's valuable porn entities

it is also targeted against me, as my artwork and whole identity is here, so it could've been a Google takover, that I stopped

The No-Fly List is publicized, of course, the embarassment is illegal

However, the selectee list is completely illegal, a violation of every extra-national aviation agency, an attempt to incriminate by force, allow safehavens and private islands, and was done by force not the Air Force, which perhaps could do that and may have been used as a guise for that illegality, and treated Drs. Jamison like shit, but not overseas

September 15, 2001 was the start of this war against redacted so it's been how many years 22-23 years