Hi, Sinner! You are worthy of an entire page, all dedicated to your family, you, and your "sista." You are so gross, evil, freakish. Here, I describe you, in better detail, as you haven't for yourself, yet. You are so ugly.

you are lying

you are scary

you abuse for fun, and even mock others for doing so

you are scary, you are a masked satanist

you are evil, morose, and murderous

you are scary, abusive, and a narcissistic psychopath

you are evil beyond measure

you hate everyone, because you aren't a real person, even, and steal to hurt, and you shouldn't be around kids but you are and that's dangerous to their health, well-being, and state of grace, so please stop abusing me, person who shall remain unnamed, and please stop with the abuse, 

because it is personally noted, and that is not a good thing for you, and please stop wearing that mask, those masks, and interchanging masks, when it isn't saintly, abuser. I do not tolerate abuse, will not be toyed with, and you are now my toy. Children will stay away from your abusive side, and will be introduced to the opposite of you, these people: Historically Important Figures Who Loved Without Cause, Your Forefathers, Your Angry Side, Your Mendaciousness (and Faux-Kindness), Your Abusive Protector(s), who steal to kill, much like your parents did during their abuses of you, you are scary, abusive, and a violent narcissist. You are not forgiven, you will not be ever forgiven, young hater. You are an Anti-hero to many people, including me, for just finding out you are as cowardly as I thought. Hello, paucity of thoughts, and goodbye, hater of people. You are not allowed to talk to me, but you did. You broke  people down all throughout your life, and you are a reflection of your parents and siblings. They are as awful as I thought. You are evil, devoid of emotions, ultimately scary, a person without any semblance of goodness, emotionality, and self-respect, which one would expect to be the first thing to have in your Valentinos. You are a stupid person, a stupid girl, a violent narcissist, a clown, a feral beast, just like your sibling, who I hate, who thinks world hunger can be solved with a donation to A Domestic Violence Shelter. You are a horrible thing, not even human, a clown, a nuisance, who needs to be erased from history, and you will be, because you lack propriety and dignity, the only two values I cherish, fool. You are the embodiment of the Devil's Machinations. You are so very poor inside, so slovenly, almost impoverished, fickle liar, homicidal freak, lowlife, trapper, liar, clownish freak, supermarket wanderer, Hater-lover, dark, disgusting, evil, superstitious, stalkerish, dumb, naive, abusive, narcissistic abuse fake survivor. You are not a good person, you are a bad person. You are an evil woman, sticky-finger. You are weird, lying, dark internally, foolish, and the ultimate crap-shooter. Do not prey on children, like your sibling, do not harass women nor men, you are odd, and emotionally violent - like your buddy. Both need to be arrested immediately, both need to be retrained, both need to be taken to a federal facility, both are evil, verbally sordid, dangerously inept, and naturally contemptous of your own souls and a dangerous killer of others', man-like, scary, and abusive. You are dangerous to my health, and the world's, poor girl, preying on the weak, and,worse, you did so for money, friendship of a killer, a dangerous person, a coward, ultimately, who loves Satan. You are evil, beyond my soul's comprehension, and you will go to HELL, it's a guarantee, and, more than that, you will burn in its deepest corner, scurrying around for more and more and more, because having "more" is your current motto, as you are designed to be a slave to others' evils, as well, your parents', siblings', former partners, an abusive woman, who will be seen to the depths of Hades, tossing and turning for your earthly offenses, your Satan-devotion, your evils, your foolish ways, your sibling's love of moroseness, your abuse of others to achieve self-salvation only. You are a danger. You are an abuser. You are evil. You will burn. Your careers as evil proctors of society are over, in my eyes, and that's more important to me than any stupid punishment a judge could hand. You are going to burn in the deepest firepits, where you long to be cooled. You are a dangerous woman, a heartless one, who thinks music means partying alone, not anything more than that. You are evil, a moronic person, a person who goes to townhalls just to act like the mayor, but who will never be one now, ever, and that's my personal vendetta, nothing more, nothing less, besides your eternal scorn and abuse by your friends' evils. You are a fool for the Devil, a liar, a hostile narcissist, a self-ruminating liar, a stealer of thoughts, an abuser of cores, a lover of hatred, a perfect model of who I will never be, who I never was, someone completely foreign to my upbringing, also, a loveless mind, a careless coward, a mindless freak, a pornographic hater of individuality, self-expression, a destroyer of poetry, a killer of the poets past, including those who are now dead to you, who I love and don't disparage, like you. You are a hostile soul, a manic temperament, but only in its essence, and a dangerous abuser, who wears that evil mask for fun sometimes, even, someone who kills for fun, who laughs at pictures her own self, claiming they are funny, when they are disgusting, like your mother, who hates you, doesn't love your sister, hates your brother, and hates her self, and wanted to destroy you when she found out you were a girl, because your father liked sex, not her. You are a liar, a loveless soul, a monster. You are evil, scary to the young, a monstrous personality, an evil previously unseen by me, and I'm well-versed in the world's ways. You are so evil, that you thought that killing someone's heartfulness is something forgivable, because it is really quite the opposite, stupid follower of your own wishes, coward, dummy, stupid, hater, liar, abuser. You are not to talk to anyone like that again. You are to be scorned here on Earth, because your abuse has consquences socially. You are so evil that you think that money is power, that killing is fun, that the destruction of others is more than something a man can bear, because you once thought that Godliness entailed revenge, and that's still your mission, to avenge your parents for not giving you whatever you wanted, and you didn't get what you wanted because you were spoiled like the ugly person you are inside; you are spoiled, rotten, and dangerous to my health. You are not to talk to me again. Goodbye, ugly abuser, for now, hopefully, because your haphazard abuse is scary, it really is, because you are so capricious, so dangerous, so violent, so destructive, foolish, and crazy. You are not a good person, you are the opposite of me. You are what and whom I aspire to destroy on Earth, the manifestation of Evil, your mother and father's combined hatred (not love.) You are evil, a flower that wilted long ago, so evil and cowardly, a monster, a creep, a lying bitch, a person who kills for pleasure, just like your brother, who I've decided to hate on, because he spits on his enemy, doesn't love his friends even, and thinks he's a hero, just like you, bitch-made bitch. You are so ugly, so feral, so beneath me, that I can laugh at you at my whim, you scary abuse-whore. You are so evil, cowardly, inane, horrid, spiritually deranged, evil, a person who hates for fun, just like your parents did to their neighbors growing up, someone who turned on her own sister once, for having better hair, so please don't come on to me, again, please don't torture anyone, again, and, ultimately, destroy your self. You are not self-destructive, only self-enhancing, just like your father, who was just the same growing up as you and hasn't changed at all, is equally scary and intimidating, violently-tinged, abusive, a pure sociopath, who killed his friend once, by urging him to commit suicide, like his cowardly ass wished for others, as well, a person who hates indiscriminately, a walking manifestation of impropriety, a fool like you, a destructive personality, careless and hapless, destructive and stupid, hateful and dishonest, unscrupulous and lacking in fire, hurtful, depressing, angry, poor, depressed spiritually and evil as a result, dumb, emotionally vacant, evil, violent, naturally violating, awful, just evil's embodiment, a poor soul, an impoverished person, truly so. You are so cowardly that you forgot something there; you know what? It was your mind. You are mindless now. You have no intelligence whatsover, and are permanently relegated to the depths of despair, where you will be mocked and jeered by your own future children, by your in-laws, your disgusting future cousin-in-law, your disturbing soulmate, a person who isn't even real yet, a thing, an entity that you pray for to become, but your prince is dead inside, naturally, a thing, not even a human, an equally morose sort. You are so evil that you do not know even that the Book of Job is not a job, so stay away from me, and a protective order is coming to you, spiritually, not here, but spiritually, you coward. You are so loveless, so evil, so desiring of money and sex, a greedy soul, a foolish coward, a liar among others, cowards who defend you because they've committed countless kills, people who destroy to kill, like you tried, but miserably and laughably failed, and, remember, you are just a poor person, a person who cannot have fun anymore, who no one will enjoy the company of, knowing who you are. You are the manifestation of a Murderer i've heard of: not a female, but a male; do you know whom? Take a guess. I'll hold my beer.

I'm thinking Colin Ferguson, and that's who I'll refer to you now, desk-sitter, hateful person, destructive soul, monstrous being, hateful being, a person who would never imagine to have the kind of fun I'm having, a person who loves nothing but dirt and Banana Splits, a person who think fun is a walk with a boyfriend on the Santa Monica Pier, a person who pleasured herself to pictures of Jack Hanna growing up, but who looks like a Kangaroo, not him. You are sort of disgusting, a walking manifestation of how not to walk, a person who doesn't know how to move, a liar, a killer, a sacrificial lamb to me. You are never to look at my page, again, because this is the end of your abuse. Your name isn't who you say it is, it is now replaced; you are Satan. You will be known as such going forward, and I'm sorry other(s) have to see you exist. You are a waste of time and money. You are a waste of a person, so disappointing! You are so ugly. You look like a person who loved me before, who I still do. You do not know how to handle your emotions, you are emotionally vacant, a violent school-shooter type, a person who reads manuals on how to assemble Mountain Bikes, and probably goes on hikes. You are dangerous, and Hiking With Nietzsche, doesn't necessarily mean the artist is a killer, like you. You will go down in my history. Thoughtless bitch. Killer of morality, a person who hates indiscriminately, a person without anything I want, and a person I pray not to be, to God. So, God, listen, when I sleep tomorrow, and wake up the next day, I hope that these evil sorts will be erased from the world, as they are people who kill hope, dangerous things, hopeless love-obsessed freaks, people who hate others for fun, killers of joy, the perfect coward. You are so evil, young ladies, so fucking evil, so fucking stupid, so fucking gross, so hideous, smelly and feral, ugly and already dead inside, people who move like serial killers from the past and present, who should know that they are not protected from you, either, the most insiduous soul(s), the imperfect creature. The killer. The monster. You, my enemies, are not to fuck with me, as I told you that toying with me has consequences; this time, the consequence is being mocked and jeered, with words, alone, because you're so sensitive to them, and so evil, so foolish, so abusive, so scary, so dumb, a piece of work. You are not intelligent enough to look at me, and understand my facial expressions, you sociopath, you cowardly thing. You are so stupid, so retarded emotionally, physically bereft of life, and hapless at your cores. You fools. You scoundrels, abusers, stalkerish stalkers, lifeless things, celebrators of abusers, killers of victim, a piece of art that is so ugly, that I have to shut my eyes even looking at the physical product of your souls. You are so scary, so vulgarly driven, so filthy inside, so? What's next? Your abusive parents and families, who I will endlessly deride, for their benefit and that of others.