University of California, knowingly guilty of torture, refuses to pay me a dime for the crimes ongoing, so it's your money, boys and girls, it's all yours you take it all every fucking penny they ever had, i want ariel castro's grandbabies to have that please the nice shirt it's reallyt nice really professional

dub as fuckin' Aladdin's girl


Pogosian (Satan) is responsible for the rapes of so many, over the years so many University of CAlifornia, during junior high and after the rapes of so many children, -US

and continuing torture actively as the pussy devil ded blood sucked of the rape victims actively

you are not going to get away with raping all these girls and boys, continuously now torturing them, and presenting yourself as heroines and heroes, nope they choose who save them, Godly Sorts, I aspire to be Godly Always Have Will, they choose what I think I deserve if I get it, for Them and Us

if torture is active, who propagates it, who still got that knowing they are scary af

what punishment deserves the torturer, the one torturing the torturer is me?

and don't even get me started at that Little shit again, cause he small he aint gon budge he gon scream and wince i know him that nigga so small he gon cry when i rape him when i fucking torture that ugly fucking cock of his i seen it it like half and half bleedin ain't mean that well i'll show him blood stupid fuck and then fuck his dad his mom all em i dont care im a cia bitch anyway, they say to taunt me

they usin technology to rape and i think if it goes down like some weird way, it go up always, so i don't want it down it gon be technical always, not purposeful iont know ask the techsperts if that happen(s)s just for advice

you gon use guns condone use of guns, how i supposed to do that without a glock, am i supposed to use guns to protect myself and my family, you scary or something

they gon use boxes and lie about, i supposed to use boxes and lie about it? why are you making me say that, and where

who is More Innocent, do not include your abusers of Kids, the ones who i hate so much are the ones sitting down on their ugly asses enjoying the work of the abuser, this is For The Innocent Not To Be Affected Still, which you've insisted on death and torture

you affecting the united states internationally and extra-nationally on the computer, do not represent your country and are considered a terrorist in two places and more places? so that grants authority to pursue technol

listen i heard you listenin eavesdropping on martin again well not this time you ain't

and just for that shit you little bitches gon get raped to know how to feel to rape

i do not fuck around

when a bitch fucks with rapists i aint into that rapist culture your bullshit gon too far your account too heavy 

it ain't true, they got niggas wiling waiting to die and it aint mean shit to steal 

i aint write like that i wont ever let you fuck me over

your name is what again, insignificant

it's erased historically, as Pogosian is now known as the terrorist who did this against every truth and guidance, Pogosian insisted to medically torture and psychologically torture for an individual who is stupid, just the same, named often, so to say Pogosian is an abuser is to say it lightly, she is a very violent abuser, who protects only a few, those who abuse, she is an abuser's choice of psychiatrist, who abused everyone in the world, Pogosian is known as terrorist not just terroristic but terrorist, best defined as someone with no taste, so to say she is tasteless is that she abuses regularly and doesn't care