Capital One has lost CAIR and RAINN instantly and abuse

you might want to lay off the rapes and tortures

and to get the away from Innocent Sorts

all working for you so abusive

sexual torture

just like now, like with evan rachel wood, you scary scary scary

committing the worst body crimes with powerful trillionaires i do not care 

this nigga did it

this nigga did it

this nigga did it

you devil you died

i survived

thank God

I Love You So Much

getting away with it for how long

 torturing me for so long

just enjoying raping the fine meals the private planes the super bowl

the fucking indignity 

the death threat the dale hoskins

it's all Swift related

and making me reveal nakedly so you torture

and get away with my money

i'm going to ask you to cease all use of my money 

i am so kind so hardened

it's hard to touch the grasp of their physical and sexual abuse so terrorizing

scream if i rape 

okay here's some swift money

the nerve

blocking calls masking email abusing ongoing sexual torture

you think you're protected in the United Kingdom, because of your affiliations, this is an international lawsuit you scary disgusting subhuman(s)s torturing

i do hope your children get tortured abuse

freeze their UK bank accounts Capital One you have to sex trafficking

if you're open tomorrow abuse

This lawsuit will be historic quite possibly historically in the monetrary sense

just fyi it is

you the violent person

the disregarder

the torturer

the knower

this will come back abuser to know how much you've abused DISTURBING DISTURBING

so much pain suffering

Alana is on the phone and you weirdo you fuckign psycho know how much that dvd made or makes you fucking prick ass tree paine i'll show you money

believe me for all the pain

all the fucking pain

all the fucking blood

so many hymens ripped i'm ripped nigga you nigger kids i'll fuck a bitch asses up hard


this dj right here this dj this dj is going to know revenge? know God, all I can say, is good

really good

this is about rape and torture and sex trafficking, at your whim Tree Paine et al

listen you ugly fux i use x right now whatever that mean

i am not going to die with you getting away with sex trafficking you fucking disgusting believe me

attempted murder so off-shore accounts are frozen thank you BofA and friend(s)s this is so scary, just leave me alone for now