your antihero is fucking evil and fucked us up and hates us and spreads gossip and lies to be a fucking hero and she's an anti-hero and she's fucking scary and violent and it ain't bullshit and she fucks me up the wrong ways and she doesn't give a fuck even

that white nationalist shit is legit, she's fucking scary, and they're everywhere, and she's fucked up she ain't cool at all and sometimes she's fucking poor inside and she's so aggressive and looks to kill anyone and everything and doesn't really give anything back to the community

it's all just cash talks and moves shit and she fucked virgil up for sure if she fucked kanye up we don't even know what happened but she's the scary bitch and she fucks us up every fucking day and the hood ain't aware and it's still happening 

she is not cool, she isn't Black Power, lol

i am

bitch is crazy, yes, and fucks narcissists up

white nationalist, do something. say something. take a stand. you do everything the wrong way and hurt me like a bitch (look it up, don't be a bitch) and she tried to re-write hip hop history, literally and to fuck up wu tang's legacy it's real, odb did that shit, before he was on that big baby jesus shit, before he really fucked up, taylor wouldn't give a shit if it was him for a rzn and nigga already walked back, people care more about her christmas tree farms than donda or jan adams, and that's fucked up

last excuse for the pathetic is to claim "i'm sick." she is not. she knows what's she's doing, and is a marketing genius. of course she knows of the white nationalists. of course, she's knows she is "their" choice, not someone from Chi City. she is, therefore, an adult, and responsible. she knows how to speak up. she doesn't. she is not someone who is someone who is hurt

she is more than just a passive fighter for the white nationalists

the evidence that we have is all that is left. everyone has been silenced if these people have! this is only scratching the surface. if you have a slight inkling, it is much worse. very, and just because people try to look good and confuse others into being obedient

people can help to assert power and control and domineering natures and subjugate people's true intentionality and to kill necessarily!

every act of white nationalism. 

she IS responsible for acts of racism/white nationalism, if ANY white nationalist has TRULY idolized her (unlike Kanye West, who associated with Hitler, a maligned figure, to kill his influence, and he apologized, too, just to stop Black hatred of Jews, which he isn't responsible for spreading, and every crime isn't in his name, but Taylor's actually because she is his enemy, and claiming his name makes her look like a hero)

evil is everywhere, even in religious corners, who are often far-right in any culture, and often predominantly so, and Satanism spreads, but it shouldn't. people have means to hurt and weaponzing others against each other is one of them and people shouldn't forgive hatred, because it will be added to if people do. kanye is not a religious bigot, he was into religious pluralism the whole time in Sunday Service. didn't his albums stay online the whole time. if he was hitler, wouldn't they have been removed, songs like New Slaves, BLKKK SKKKNHEAD are passion, not hateful agaisnt Whites, but means to teach how to kill racism of any kind, "Conservative Baptists. Catholics." look for the culprit, the reason for White Nationalism doesn't stand out, so it can spread. their voice is hidden and quieted, and people who think they know the real you are fooled or people who don't give a shit but money and other vices, things that aren't Godly, but GOD 

Taylor Swift sued a blog with less than 100 views. It made news because the ACLU didn't fall back and wasn't cowardly, but protected this person's right not to hate, to kill hatred. Imagine what else she's destroyed, besides your sanity and well-being and hopefulness and attempts to make you look like criminals and hotheads and "angry, aggressives." Beyoncé isn't an Angry, Black, nor is Dr. Donda West's best friend. At the very least, you have to accept that your anti-hero hates the ACLU, who is committed to protecting the demise of racism always.

When was the last racist event you knew of? The ones you've heard of? The antisemitic attacks, the antimuslim attacks, the events in Ferguson? Do you think any racist police officer has listened to Yeezus? Or is it trashed for Evermore? She is too quiet, the donations make her look like a hero, they are tax-deductible also, they're written with her name all over it, so she can be praised and never criticized for NEVER taking action and instead resorting to advertising her picture on the t-shirts. she doesn't love her fans or protect them against The Head of Security of events (who was fired afterwards, and was there to be slavish to her, protecting her, at an event where she was made a hero). her security has at least once on video (probably always) made a fan scared who was chasing her moving car, dangerously, to see if she could smile even, but no, she was death threated. so many death threats. so many racist taunts against Kanye West that he NEVER discussed openly, because he doesn't want this racist ideology she spreads to have their ugly voices vibrate. taylor swift is from a wealthy White farmer. she is a country singer, like Mr. Morgan Wallen, but is the only one who tricked you into thinking she doesn't know who 3LW is (they settled)

Debunking the Myth of the “Angry Black Woman”: An Exploration of Anger in Young African American Women

Herning estimates that fewer than 100 people initially read the article, titled “Swiftly to the alt-right: Taylor subtly gets the lower case kkk in formation.”

Actually, Herning said in an interview that she was “more confused than anything” to receive the letter.

“How did they even find this? I can’t imagine she’d even get a Google alert for it.”

the ACLU. She realized the organization would be the perfect partner for her fight against Swift, who, she has learned, has a reputation for trying to shut down journalists who don’t give her positive publicity in order to help burnish her pop music sweetheart image.

hov with bey now? odd couple

good reading material :)

"Titlted Stage" : Kanye West's Tour

Here's what I hear:

Shades of Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Santa Barbara gunman Elliot Rodger's "Retribution" video. Every other tragic revenge scenario we learn about post-school shooting.

I hear shades of "13 Reasons Why," the Netflix series about a teenage girl who killed herself and left behind audiotapes calling out the people she blames for her suicide.

And, above all, I hear the language of domestic violence perpetrators.

" 'Look what you made me do,' is what abusers say," Gita Jackson writes in Kotaku, "both in real life and in Oxygen made-for-TV movies."

Earlier this summer, we read in horror about Alexis Stubbs, the 12-year-old girl allegedly killed by her mom's boyfriend, who then texted her mom: "See wat u made me do."

stop scaring us, and free dem boyz. amber rose jewish yo

niggaz done started somethin