FBI wiretapping or tapings? lol not really, it's concering, and very demeaning (odd)((stupid))(((soiled)))(to say?)((to say??))(((strange odd)))

it's already been done with Dale Hoskins RAINN 

they wiretaped RAINN/CAIR/So to abuse they injure and or injurious sorts injured or injuries??? is not to say stupidity is a reality and not a motif???

if you stay in the enclosure while they waterboard you or they them, it's important to block the inside so that the outside is locked and bounded and impenetrable {such abuse}{{such abuser!!}}{{{such the abuser, shallisn't?}}}

diamonds are brilliant is derogatory and also abusive towards minors lol who are often abused at mines and their canaries know the songs but not the meaning of them, which is injustice and rapes of minors, which happens often and always there, not there but there because of -america and blameshifts to the United Kingdom 

if the pool at the langham is a place of fun, then how is it always working, always wondering why people go, to hotel pools. is something the wrong with pools at homes so when you visit hotel pools know you have visited a pool of the hotel's pools, so these pools are not theirs, ever this is MI6's good morning (not mourning, -american) Happy Sunday for me against the Easter of -America as a terrorist church in America not abroad