you are scary,


tyrannical. tyrant. abuser. scary. ridiculous. unrestrained. dark. evil. morose. unfit. devilish. stalkerish. scary to me. aged. abusive. scary. heartbreaking. terrifying. obedient. nonsensical. scary. manipulative. abusive. tyrannical. incapable of understanding. arrogant. abusive. people who abuse shouldn't. it's just not right. people who abuse are scary. people who abuse aren't just you. people who abuse don't help others. people who abuse are violent. violence is terrifying. it is the definition of terror. don't be terrorists. put yourself first alone, and you'll be an abuser. abusers shouldn't abuse various systems. your system is not meant to be terrified, terrorist. you are a terrorist if you don't help the sick, dying, female, struggling, scary, devil, fake angel, scary fraud, foolish liar, scary person, abusive person, scary thing, angry one,

When I see you, I think of hope. People who hope are good. I know your hands are tied, and we're being puppeted, but she is truly insane. She is truly violent. It hurts to even watch, and people who hurt others are bad people, for sure, and I wish I could do more. Evil people are scary. People who are scary don't live that long, but they live forever. 

"I am not a toy to be toyed with. Stop saying that. She is lying. She is abuser. She is scary. She isn't allowed to scare anyone. She is scary. I can't help right now. She is abusing me. She is scaring me."