You are not a victim. People who are victim don't fight back. You are a fake victim. You are a scary

abusers are so ugly inside, little things, terrifying, angry, morose, Satanic. It isn't appropriate in any world, and I do not support abusers, go have lunch, let's go dance.

I don't know you, and that's the problem. Getting to know you is not fun

I was threatened not to say your name even, and it's all I have -- Who are you Scary Liar (Sh*v* T**dis) no free information is cheaper than free, Satan. i do not know who you are, are you a scam artist, this isn't safe, stop lying and contacting important people that can affect me, and you you don't even answer, just ignored me from now on, and make haphazard calls, like a deranged stalker (I am not in Hawaii!)