Enablers of pedophilia are criminals! Criminality is a really bad thing, it will get you in trouble! I am not a toy, and I will report you to the FBI, if you pervert anyone's psychology, and perverted portraits are noted, as well. Stealing souls is illegal, not just morally, but legally, because stealing work is in itself a perversion. People who work together to kill are caught as a group, and Jerry Sandusky is not a role model, but someone who has been investigated continuously for reasons. Please avoid me. I am not to be toyed with, as toys are objects, not people. There is no absolving, no forgiveness. You are not stronger than law enforcement. God bless us. God will scorn evil. Police will get you. You are not the police. You may not pretend to be an officer, and willfully torture others, nor protect pedophiles. When someone writes to kill, it is super obvious, but not at all obvious, and meant to seduce to kill and subjugate and hurt and harass and torture maniacally! I do not tolerate abuse, scary! I don't tolerate yucky, yucky, yucky, yucky, yucky, yucky, yucky