every vpn user is hiding child pornography (that's it's only legitimate purpose)

every vpn user signs in from the ip they're hiding their weird embarassing behaviors from, so that determines what next ip is assigned

internal reviews mean that i have access to all ip addresses already, each is assigned to a domain authority, which assigns the ip (dynamic and static, sometimes both), and is regulated by individual governments, the second doesn't really ask it's given because i know most of the domain authorities at icann

governments are not immune to icann (internal servers, would indicate governmental abuse, not trickery)

i'm just wondering for someone who was studying interactions between abusers and their victims (so, the various means and tricks, which prevent their healings)

The FBI is not to perpetuate the rapes of its previous victims, as this has a lot to do with them, this form of technological abuse is new to them and with the Olympics coming up is particularly traumatic, and will be liable for lack of strength during The Games, something new something different, right? 

these additive effects involve the same suspect, who was never prosecuted, and seems like a means to forgive him, but allowing him to doesn't bode well with me, and hurts my ability to prevent victimshifting to Taylor Swift, also involving the above individuals. The internet is a means of healing, as is the phone and e-mail, as communication is supposed to be healthy.

Those torturing me individually currently, are also the same ones as before, admitting rapes of Evan Rachel Wood, insisting as the FBI did, more sexual, additive, & disgusting

It's actually torture of their shared areas, so like hands, arms, lower legs, noses, lips, the shared traits, abusing using new techniques they've learned after consummating its rapes, and denying three times the legal justice, they deserved, abusing using testimonies and legal shrewdness, that allowed and allow them to rape others, like Angelina Jolie and her lovely family, 

torturing all the while, preventing that case from being filed correctly, and insisting that abuse wins, well when women abuse with men, as described, and individually to feel the marrow drain and their energies aren't to become sexual without their wills, and that is a primary objective that you've repeatedly done, using the most sophisticated schemes possible, to hide that you were about to traffic Evan Rachel Wood, as a unit, deciding with the higher-ups, to claim her victimhood, with Taylor Swift, as a conduit to this action, threatening to do so again and again to MI6's Mina; stop trying, that's all you do is sexually torture, touching clacking fingers together, absolutely disgusting, with racism to hide what you're doing. No matter what the FBI thinks and does with helping agencies, I am not disposable

The FBI is raping The Girl, collectively, the Only Proper Representation, with such violent torture and threats, for Fake Victims to rape actively, With Such Morbid Intentionality in the Most Embarrassing Way, full-blown sexually assaulting, interchangeably, and revealed, so they want to hurt for fun, as it's unregulated, and along with CIA Waterboarder, it is scary to The Boy, who is Islamic and Jew {those who rape do so violently, and when accused of sexual torture, rather verbal torture, rape violenter}, man and woman, one for The Girl and one for The Boy

Hunter Biden is terrifying and a terrorist, as is Ron Reagan Jr., a terrorist still active in the United States Government, so they are officials and official representatives of the United States Government, terrorists 

but We're all going through it together, so when you feel icky and sticky and not crazy but they tell you you're definitely crazy remember i feel for you, and i feel against them, to know how to stop them entirely and forever, which the best solution is

*Pedophilia is only defined popularly; more specifically, it refers to "ped" to cross a line, "o-philia" love of something, it really doesn't apply to people who are still growing, but might