ew, fool-no thanks!

you are so yucky! you are a pedophile! your supporters support pedophilia! you look at gross things! you are scary! you are not tortured, but a perverted person. You are not to look at kids' pages onlines, either, you coward! You are so disgusting, a ruined body and mind. You are responsible for your self-ruin, and you blame-shift for a living! You are so gross, feral, and beastly! You do not deserve anything on Earth, but have hurt so many people for your advantages, even kids like yours. You are a disgusting person, a beast, someone who is morally repugnant, a liar, a conartist, a cheater, a murderer, a cold-hearted thing. You are not to bother innocence! You are a pedophile! You are so disgusting! You make me feel like other people are toys, like you aren't, like someone without faith - a cowardly beast, wthiout soul. You are not to talk to me, but you do, you twisted! You are so gross, so yucky! I hate you! I hate you. You are not my friend, so stop abusing me pretending to be friendly; you are the opposite, a brutal persons. You are beyond repair, spiritually and mentally, and need to be hospitalized, with your friends/assisters. You are the worst, disturbing! You are not to approach! You are not to get near! You need to approach others with similar caution, like your kids. They are not safe around you. That's why CPS is around. That's what they'll be used for, always. You are a disgusting person, a person without anything I want. You are so gross, dangerous! You are so evil, nasty, gross! You aren't to talk to me! You are so gross! You are disgusting! You make me feel like so yucky! You are the yuckiest, abuser-in-fake-love-affairs! You are scary! You are abusing right now, so I don't like it! You are gross, miserable, and scary, very much so! You are so mendacious, a trickster, a liar, a clinically braindead abuser, pervert, deviant, horror! You are so scary! You are so intimidating, like her, but much worse, much more dangerous to me.

Freaks, you are not significant. You should fly the freak flag instead! You guys are committed dummies, who are sexually assaulting innocence with that mask. You guys are so gross, thoughtless, stupid, stupidly-motivated, tricky, forceful, abrasive, narcissists, abusive, and scary! You are low in intelligence, high on anger. You are vengeful people, by your decision, and your abuse shows, even in recent history books. You are so stupid! You are aggressive! You are abrasive! You are proven Satanists! You don't care about losing your spiritual core, but it has been denied. You are abusers of God. You are disgusting people! You are dumb as bricks! You shouldn't be proud of yourselves, stupids! You are so abusive, so - so long! Just for clarity, this disgusting group of angry conartists who love violence, gore, revenge, pedophilia, are not to be contacted! They support obvious abusers, as reported by children, like noted alcoholic-abuser-not-victim-> Brad! You have, therefore, lost all credibility, and gained all credibility as a group of violent pedophiles. Take care, and do be cautious around these scary sorts, as they support all sorts of disgusting acts, like all the shootings they inspire, and all their investigations that are meant to intimidate and scare. You are abusers, liars! (They aren't being manipulated, and deny their power to help, instead to hurt when caught, not called-out, but when being caught raping.)

Do you think Justin Bieber is cool? Not for you ladies, as you've lost your childhoods, too! Take care, now! Bad luck! Abel (Mr. Tesfaye, to you, forever) doesn't allow you to abuse others sexually, especially the innocent, in tricky ways, perverts! You have lost musical soundness, and are committed to playing the victim card, killer(s)!