when i say i exercise absolute authority to do whatever i please with whatever or whomever you have, i mean it; i'm the most granted general in world history (if you kill me, I can tell whomever to kill whomever they are) my range is All Innocents, so it doesn't end

We have medical authority over anyone anywhere right Dr. K, right? Right, Dr. M? What's the proper mode of treatment for Me? What's the proper treatment for You? It doesn't mean you cannot treat the abuser(s)s!

Theirs Too (Okay Boyz and Girls, but it does mean that) any age any potential age doesn't matter

do you wanna enjoy? then did you enjoy my suffering? Or Ours Rather (Theirs and Mine)

if you kill me or mine, then you know what happens it goes to who I told to go to, lol

i'll see to it We Get Not What We Deserve But All We Want you not to have, and we don't care, trust Us, We Have Been Through It, we can do whatever to whatever police whatever single troll whatever company worldwide bank worldwide, I have that Authority, As The Most Granted General In World History, Including Spiritually The Most Granted Spiritual Leader Ever

We Know We Did This With No One But God, actually everyone still thinks I'm crazy, so fuck you and yours, too, i hate you, i did this For My Innocent Girls and Boyz

Tell your kids that they're abusive of This Person lol

it's nice so nice from this vantage point, racists, abusers, satanists, attorney of boards, it's so nice

that includes family members, weirdos, latch-ons, abusers of all kinds, i live for God for Everyone (Everywhere, including off the bay shores) But the United States of America

The Innocents and Their Helpers Know Everything, so don't get yourselves hot and bothered (:


Do you think We Want Take What's Ours doesn't mean that, Anyone Affecting MI6's Mina and Father Hanna's Girls and Boyz, devil ded, probably the most sought after just prolly, polly wants saltine crackers weirdos