you have caused so much pain, so many aches, so many fears, so much, and for that I don't forgive you. You will burn in HELL, of course, but before you go, you need to be reprimanded, so you can improve your fate. You are an abuser. You lied. You tortured. You are going to HELL. You lied. You abused. You tortured. As such, you are not forgiven. You abused for fun, lied to good people. You are evil. Your spiritual life is not in decay, it is dead. You are not allowed near children, let alone a Church, as the church rejects them. You are rejected, friends of the Devil, anyone participating and lying and propagating lies. You are to be arrested. I will see to it. It will be life's goal, in my short time here. If their abuse kills more, then they will have less. In other words, life goes on. I will see to it that you will be remembered as abusers, and your names and those who assisted you near, far, in your families, wherever they are, friends are to be properly treated. You will not be treated with forgiveness, as murderous acts are not forgivable. I do not lie. You do. Your abuse of innocence, by continuous lying, is noted. You are gross, but I'm smiling. This isn't because of you, it's because of your abuse. Fuck you and your mothers and fathers, too. Fuck off, scaries. I love. You don't even like innocence. You are feral and gross, little messes, disturbing people - folks who hate. I don't hate. I never have. You are haters. Your hatred inflitrated. It doesn't affect me, though, as I'm Godly. Fuck the fuck off, Satan and Lucifer, thank you. You will not go to a white-collar prison, but a federal jail. There, you will be treated justly, but that isn't a lie. You will be treated in the legal system, by punishment. Bad luck. You are going to JAIL, in God's name. Thanks be to God, first and foremost, and thanks for those human rights lawyers and investigative journalists, progressing God! I will be protecting myself. I will not even participate. I will order them. This never involved me, I've never been contacted, but others have. Your happiness was temporary, remember? Your sultriness doesn't persuade, and I reject the siren's and warlock's calls. Good riddance, witches and warlocks. Your Satanism doesn't win, and though my earthly (corporeal) body isn't forever, my spirit will be, as I will be remembered for my Godliness, and I will seek others to prove Him Right! Let's go, Jesus! Let's go, All! Let's go, right now, and let's get started. I do not forgive you. I will not. I will seek retribution, the right way, and I'm not stupid, like you, not violent, someone who thinks that revenge is a good motif. It isn't. Justice isn't either. However, upon God's will, you will be struck down in the earthly pains you've inflicted, not just commensurate, but worse, just so you don't repeat. Anyone involved will be punished. International organizations are here. I do not fear the Devil, but I fear his works, I only fear not being a Good Person, and I will stay a Good Person, because I can't recall a sin I don't work hard to fix, for myself. Stay away from Spirituality, and you will be exposed, for your Evil Deeds, all who've tried to hurt God. God isn't hurt, and will stay Strong, in the name of all the good leaders, all the good religious men, people who don't kill for fun, and laugh right after. You are cowards, liars. I do not mess up, I am extremely smart. I know how to be. People who obfuscate reality will learn it isn't false. So please learn that abusers will get revealed, slowly and gently. You will learn. You will learn how to stay strong, and no one is spared. But first things first, first items up business; killing me won't work.