audio version provided . vision-impaired can see now. if you need a webster's, i think they can be loaned at the local library

victims ("let's speak about it.")

don't know what you can have? you could have had all this (hahaha) good luck in the low-levels of art (and I applaud your paintings, they're gr8) you probably don't get it only the paltry shit that's out these days (it's unappealing, and they simply won't be capable of good art.)

shame on you for acting like me, smugly, to restrain voices by blindfolds and gags, but i protect myself, not you, known liars

my power isn't yours, so please stop trying to usurp it, you powerless nerds

you cannot sabotage a person who is leagues above you, spiritually and creatively, someone who you cannot understand, because you are stupid, and even the most popular musicians are trying to dominate the landscape to destroy superior artists, in duels that I show skill in

i guess that's why all the art these days is bad, narcissistic, putrid, manic, and ungraceful: even the people behind them, like lowlife politicians, who financially lend their support to low-brow art, consumed and digested quickly, by art critics who aren't talented, writers who aren't historically significant, and people who abuse others, just so they steal their creativity and prevent them from being who they can be. the power-hungry do anything to be powerful, but they are so lacking in creativity, actual talent, or power, that they try to steal the powers of someone who knows how to read and write, and be resourceful, agile, pure, and abuse with known narcissists, who enable this all, who are actually "kittens," people who are pretentious, and falsely and truly terrified (scared like little children, and to scare off people who make them scared.)

16-twenty Years of enslavement, fighting criminality, 

Sedulous, not Incredulous - gross teams 

(liars, make me do all the work, mopping up your mess, stupids, unintelligent, incomprehensible, boring, plagiaristic, horribly uncreative and murderers of creativity to steal it -that's where it's been hiding - i don't enjoy bad art nor bad people, however, i kill injustice - unlike promoters of it, emotional wrecks).