depression, anger, and malice - the 3 ingredients of success

it's about time, to really not get started, but retard emotionality again, as i work directly in the field of mental health. i would suggest stopping illness, as a whole, yes, but more properly stopping all forms of psychopathy. This will better the understanding of all mental health conditions, and will also pave the way for a better understanding of how to treat others, and ultimately oneself. This treatment facility is for abuse, and not for health. That's a known, and is absolutely, certainly scary, to those who approach. Mental health treatment centers are not like that, they are inside, not outside, and self-protective first and foremost, for the love of God, first, and family second, and others third. Their abuse is tantamount to physical assault, to study the nature of psychological abuse and its physical effects. The abuse of academics is not the concern, as they abuse too often as the teachers you've had growing up, but the abuse of codified educational, collegiate systems is the bigger concern.

Of course, college is but a few years of torture, but so unnecessary. It's slides are there, together, collected, by Cambridge University Press. And the effort is universal, properly representative of, say, African history, is not African-American history, and Middle-Eastern Studies, is not Islamic-Studies, and abuse of others is not Imperialistic-Studies. And this sort of educational abuse is the real problem.

There isn't breadth? Well, of course not, and, to better that, there isn't anything!

Nothing is important, was important, as reflected in stupidity. No one makes sense, the world is backwards, and, as such, it's reflected that better subject is to study at home, without peers, as I've described, online. People who are educated know that even the laws aren't taught, and anthems are inculcated instead, and there is fictional book of value, only The Bible, and that's the reason for the decay of fiction.

Such abuses, the nature of educational systems, is an important interest of mine, as well as the interaction with mental health, and the time-development of mental illness.

It is said that Fridays and Saturdays are the best days, and that the days before are tortured after, as that's the way kids are brought up, by teachers and not parents, who go to work, instead of stay at home, look good fathers and mothers. 

My ideal structure is a tuesday sunday cycle, so to go tuesday to church and sunday to a home schooling of teaching one or two lessons, interchangeably, nothing that's been combined yet, so a combination of certain lessons, like Anger and Calmness, both subjects to be taught as people don't care about either.

For America, it's suggested a legal training. 

Elsewhere, it's anger only training. Calmness doesn't exist, because of America's malign influence.

Fun is sports, and health as a youth, for mental health as an adult.

Sports as an adult, are taught and passed down, not played.

Certain people need more than others, and that's the reason for my bringing up mental health. These genetic downs and ups, are known by different names, and for purposes. 

Downs for kindness, and Ups for unkindness, one to be preserved, the other not, tortured even so to give credence to abortion.

A person cannot love another, without hatred, and I believe America is hated, and a hater. It's an impossible combination, so it's better known as American mental health standard, to not have ICD, as international codes, don't make sense, and are culturally racist.

Any way to know God better? It's to live. To enjoy passionately, to not enjoy passionately. I wouldn't say a person is a woman, unless a man. So to know men, is to hate women. Women are men, and not manly nor womanly. Such a designation was extremely misogynistic, and violent towards the kinder men. Also, to know, and to abuse doesn't happen by chance, it's purposeful and to know the nature of horror, why kids are scared of men, and women afraid of kids, it's a bad cycle that needed to be changed, so the cyclothymics don't exist? did ever not they? it's a poem to say that I never hated anyone, because of emotions, not because I didn't have them. Which makes more sense? It's rather Whom makes more is the issue for many women, and the person Whom makes more hates more, so the roles didn't exactly reverse and switch. They became and changed temporarily, falsely, by force. Taylor wasn't supposed to be famous, but she was, because she forced herself into that position, with the assistance of people who had no emotions, because of the American mental health system, and aiding international codes that aren't supposed to to be used that. And also to know,

the disgsuting nature of these 39 years, of hate, they were gross, and unfortunate, in America, I didn't like it, and never would, it's a fake world because of America, and I don't trust abusers, nor theirs, so to say,

"i don't like you.

please stop.

I am not you.

This is not your work, Mina is not a product, nor is mine an art to be had."

America rest in peace, 1776-2024, mina MI6 royalty only allowed