Any contact and necessary contact is to The Real Victim

If you know You KNOW

You KNOW, so You Know

Angelina(Not Angelina Jolie)

If you need contact information, you shouldn't ask

But if you do, You Will

You are not fine; we are better than fine.

Thanks, friend.

Complicated issues are dealt with personally, as I'm uncomplicated, respect me, who I am, and who and what I represent

Subjugated sorts aren't to be, and I'm not subjugated, or are you friendly, because then don't ask, if you don't know

Weird aggressions, microaggressions, weird torturers, Beyoncé is not to be taunted, weirdo(s)

Art is to be respected, and it's all personal and copywritten, as it is mine, and everything is an artistic presentation that is not to be toyed with, like Real Victim(s)


Don't act dumbfounded, you(s), Mr. Sinatra, Dr. Jamison, Papacy is Where