Japan Customs does not mean that; the custom of Japan is to be kindly now to be forever and ever Amen. A man cannot live on another, a woman, and propriety teaches Us that we will walk into the barren buildings, overpowering your abusers, step into the light, so to speak, to enlighten

it's things like this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAZUdG5-lK8

it's usually ignored because patience and tolerance, suffering and martyrdom is propriety, only the best manners, and Such Beautiful Mannerisms of MI6, teaching MI6's Mina how to stay strong and survive, to be brave, and fight without crying, to stay strong against the most abusive, using the Historical Lessons of God's Empire

what's that motto again, something to do with...true love and kindness, understanding and may I 4 You?

ay Liz, i can just tell Wanda didn't do that as she isn't smart enough to (also, she is stressed - meaning it's misogynistic, and why nothing happens, so scary, not stupid you aren't stupid, they are frightening, and often don't care lol, but think abuser, and really bad, so it's likely someone who hates abuse victims blameshifting but a random abuser, just parallel)