Today, another mass shooting was prevented. Prevention is key to mass shootings. Do not shoot at masses. Do not. Do not shoot during masses, either, but you can, Priests! I want people to shoot videos at masses. More needs to be done to promote Spirituality online, and EWTN seems to be the only ones doing it.

Regarding today's antisemitism, tomorrow's Muslimphobia

When ABC News checked into the matter two law enforcement sources said this case, though troubling, is not tied to the current heightened threat environment which has been stoked by the Israel-Hamas war which began in October.

So this was when; this proves that white nationalism does indeed need to be stopped, and so does the Muslimphobic FBI, as this state of panic causes violence, which is actualized, and, as we know, the FBI doesn't have a hate crimes unit for Islamic sorts. Because this was so long ago, and just publicized today, I'd say there was never a threat that needed to be calmed and is the person of which faith? A Satanic one? A Spiritual one? A creative one? I don't like scaring people, so why did you scare Jewish people today, and actualize Muslimphobia once again, when especially this time it could have been prevented; by perhaps not talking about it, like you hadn't for months? Dear September, what an undear month you'll be

Thanks for your stupidity everyone, and thanks for not doing anything but hate later and now and before, and violene is never the answer tb sure, but you know what, so isn't scaring people and causing violence to everyone. Nor is encouraging school violence, by detailing it. And enabling it, like Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden.