you fucking clown nigga go play with polo bears they're on sale now for free your mind 

don't fuck with me nor do i know you

so please stop acting like you know anything, you're not accredited anymore, never were nationals broing asses

people who play act tough

nigga, we don't play 

polo g locked down for a while now on phony charges too, but he a g he'll be okay

how we doin 

you stupid nigga keep you mouth shut while i'm talking you make any more music i'll cry shit puts girls to sleep boring guy you are so weird look the same and play the same game with lames and mourn like a girl

can i do this?

can i be

another person

omg i'm a genius

you all failed as people, so no

it just gets you looked at sex offenders. that's not cool

you are not geniuses

you are not even good magicians/mentalists

you guys are scary

and need to be incaracertaed with yourselves

and it's not 

that you're a genius

it's that you guys are such frauds. if you weren't, you'd be great. but 

i'm not going anywhere

JUNE 25, 2019

i'm a genius mom!!! OMG!!!! i'm so happy!!! you guys are retards, go home and drink vodka.

you're untalented and scary

and you'll be knocked the fuck out by mike tyson

i'm a genius!!!!! hi my name is taylor and i'm a crackpot, not an instant pot, nor even a pothead, but a Chia Pet, who likes chia seeds, but won't grow weed