Taylor Swift doesn't have good values, but she is popular. She is a person. 

A leader doesn't have good values, but he is popular. He is a person.

A lot of people support, might be bad people who are encouraged, but manipulation is never valid

I didn't want to be a writer for a newspaper, who does...nardine. she was weird. anyway, she's at the l.a. times ministry of gossip, which isn't a ministry. that's telling. the people who write articles are most often journalists and not everyone thinks book smarts are street smart folks. 

Good morning, World. (:

this is just a way to stop people from hurting other people, and making people safe. don't kill people. don't harm people. don't be racist like Trump. don't be racist like Hitler. don't be scary. don't be violent, be patient. chill and stop with the randomness. don't be seduced, into hatred. don't be seduced into violence. serpentine actions are EVIL, and GOD. um, they'll still support you just the same even if you don't get into big gun battles, and be sure no one is scared, cuz. people who. hate do so to make other people sad and tear their souls down, and people shouldn't make others unhappy, ever. and please be happy, because when you're not i . people who harm each other aren't cool, so please stop trying to harm uninteresting pernicious things, like impossibilities . i don't like people who hate each other and i think that's fucking weird, and i don't like impropriety, and do suggest that you shouldn't fuck instagrams be nicer  

Bernie Sanders is cool, right? He's Jewish. He is liked by Sarah Silverman, who's gross for liking the Man Show's Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin's nemesis, and he said that. That's not A.I.. 

Beto O'Rourke said so, too, and he's not a pop star, but a punk rocker. 

Amnesty International is a sane group of people. They tear at the fabric of his existence, and he tried to tell people he was improbable yikes

People can be lied to, on a grand scale, and it can get you throngs of devoted followers, and murder isn't the answer, don't be confused into thinking it's cool, because innocent? mental suffering is worse than physical death, one kills you, the other prolongs pains.

I am not a toy. I will not be toyed with. I am not a product. I am a product of lots of dreamers. I hope that people learn. People can be. People shouldn't harm. People shouldn't be fucked with - ever. Be sure to know that hurting others isn't a strength, but weakness. I hate people who harm others! 

Kanye West isn't a sycophantic courier. He is neither an unpopular narcissist. Such isn't popularized to become uninhibited and overly peevish. And be sure to be strong, in the midst of your deaths. Because inside you are. 

Taylor Swift isn't that hot, but she's hot right now. She's the "it" factor and can misbehave sexually, sometimes for popularity and not unpopular opinions, but they can and will become popularized, if said in unison, in organized unions, in star maps, in stalkers, and in postulating that people who are poor inside aren't truly rich

Alana Haim isn't a fucking pissed off bitch. She's really cool. She hates Goofy, and one time, she told Goofy in her head that patronizing strip clubs and Johnny Depp is dispassionate unkind

united states gets a lot from the countries who ain't into this shit

like saudi arabia, they got more stuff than them and they made their final answer

they have people who depend on them, too, so that would have cascading problem. about 1k lives lost initially that started this? how many u.s. citizens there? get them out. fuck those that are gone, and rescue them, and move on, and care about innocent people getting hurt, and don't kill innocent people, because killing kills lives. and igniting the further right, the far-right extremist groups against Palestinains and enabling there. if this war moves into Egypt, say, the hatred will be against Muslims, and then world, and it's just something that shouldn't be considered fun instantly, and people should know that hating people is gross, and i don't hate anyone! i love people, just don't get fucked up and do bad things, and be Godly (not god, thanks).

so um that could piss them off, and ruin relationships that are important

lebanon, nancy ajram, ool tany keda, because in times of war, things could get bad in other places that the original thing didn't affect. like in neighboring countries, and there was already a lot of middle-eastern hate after 9/11 because people look like pedantic or something, but anyone who looks palestinain will be inappropriately affected, and the tide is not good rn because i'm in the u.s.? not um a country where there are not that many unitedcitize

 Breitbart Jerusalem chief Aaron Klein