I have a unique representation as a Middle-Eastern, who isn't Islamic; I hazard to think what they've been through, why so quieted, why they never fight back; these certain experiences prove so much, manipulation of lines, bank manipulation, JD Sports UK purchase, violating Islamic children, so violently; he is so much better than she

Drug companies do not consider Islamic women people automatically making them crazy

Lilit is a virulent racist, someone who represents a former time, when Blacks were virulently discriminated against, and their children are equally, if not more, racist, abusing the most innocent, Islamic because they are poor inside and when you roll up your sleeves, do you mock height? do you mock physicality, when you touch your Egyptian cotton, do you want plantations?

This was a considerable for me, even as a non-Islamic MI6woman, so disgusting they are, so violating, and I uncovered who Taylor Swift is, a White Supremacist, living off of others, their friends, and the worst person historically

I do not represent you, satanism nor swiftie's benjamin t-shirt that shows how ugly and lacking in art she is, that's an easy deflection of blame to your Neo-Nazism

It's indicative of how you treat your, but not your self-respecting women and virginal men

abuse, calling someone dumb, just isn't the same, Nothing Was The Same, is copyright Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, and Douglas Albridge represnted this piece of shit everyone hates, so give her, her the money right now, fake gangster, intentionally Degrassi needs you on that wheelchair, all of it right now that you've ever made from any ugly design you untalented pricks, she doesn't support your abuse of Kanye West nor you as a person, and your refusal immediate-sort indicates what a horrible person you are, you are so disgusting

but my friend right here, it doesn't mean "my friend"

Eskanders dead? and people like the person mentioned before excused, and me laughed at? malek means angel and what the fuck is wrong with that white slut

remember the bottle picture was it an encouragement to box me, not really Ms. Hill-related to you, after I had shown you the readily accessible pictures of one box

they're building up anticipation, trying to win affection to salvage later, and that's not right-wingism and you're so pervertedly stealing that you say "wings" are a really from Buffalo? or is it one of your Mansonian exchanges

mental terrorism has been noted with psychological exploitation and these trying to make people go crazy, especially MI6's Mina

it's considered an intentional act of mental torture perhaps trying rape against for your compete and total ban from United Kingdom, which had terroristic antecedents, not stupid less than a gang, a terrorist organization

the narcissistic abuse continues gaslighting you're never enough you're crazy, but that's just Neo-Nazi-esque rape

stupid pet tricks? bullying tactics? well that escalated quickly, terrorism stuff is just not acceptable