kidnapping at a transportation

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Award # 15POVC-23-GK-01583-NONF

Funding Category Competitive Discretionary



Congressional District 98

Status Open

Funding First Awarded 2023

Total funding (to date) $1,999,968

Original Solicitation OVC FY 2023 Building Capacity of National Crisis Hotlines

Anyway, this is an attempt to sicken and make many mentally ill, and rape and gross child stuff, it's sexual abuse to make more sexual abuse it's an endless cycle

i know that rape is gross, but they're grosser, people who don't have morals, it's not your fault, they don't know anything, they're just hurting other bad people, not you good people

this is particularly gross, but you know it's just how life goes with rapists, who decide on it and britney come back too bitch work it

but i guess im safe in a way, and everyone's crazy, but this is gross like what if they come again, and dale gets on the line, and says he's late, but he's really gale

um, it appears you've entered war, another war, like in addition to the other war(s)s, so why, is it money greed or um? that's what everyone's thinking is someone harming, and it appears you are quite scary quite scary-and no one likes you, just yourselves and your marilyn manson/taylor swift lyrics

disgusting as usual disgusting so how'd you know that oh i had just thought of a thought of a thought then thought of the other thought then thought i might be stalking but i stalked his butt, that's how gross he is

actually, this is technological perversion sexual torture rapes(s) just because they think they can, but when you forward weirdly garnered information it's rape

so that's just hypothetical, what could happen, you're not crazy

so did you tell him what did he say tell you what

it doesn't work like that, it's them entirely

three times, overhated game, because the information they're using is gained from you, the abuse victim, to abuse more victims, gross

when they do this, it's like do you know where the hatred is

and when they do tha,t it's like do you know where the hat-er-ed is and then they start with the t-er-ed thing, which is t-a-t-e-t-t- and then they rape, a form that's exclusive to certains, which includes their getting what you don't know, that's rape

when they do that, it's hatred

when they do that that, it's hatred layered with the foremr abuse, a form of abuse exclusive to hateful people, just poorly raised, but then "just" and "poverty" an emotional poverty theyexhibit, to victimize others literally the next second, they cannot stop

he just sat there, watched him and almost grunted, i could hear him even as he said mmm and i said hmm and he said mmmmmm can't help i'll see if you need help here's the number for help at mmhmm thank you, i'll be back tomorrow for further investigations thank you and please keep my card if you need anything my name is on the back

nice seeing you today, you were so kind and nice, and also were incredibly tough and brave. you strengthen? i hope you do, i hope you do, an act of violence sexual violence and child sex violecne consistently - over, no involvement because it's you, the rapist again, fbi-cia-similars torture program, real tough guys 

come out let's play-enabled much pussies princesses let me show you a house of cards, queens all around, Royal Flushe(s)s

supporting numerous acts of sexual violence and committing more, against every rainn victim they're hearing cry and scream

so there will be a criminal phase, and also when you harm the uk you harm everyone, it's disgusting-pervert and perverting of normal movement, gross taylor whatever(s)sno means no, not no means yes, scary pedos

the thing you're doing is tutu-ing it's bad dancing: akin to brash rape

We'll consider this a test of our Spiritual Strength, so oogabooga

Private contractor

Hi 6ix9ine I'm Dale, I represent NXVIIM, I want Mina to stop sending any message to NXVIIM or else Oregon Trail police will have him arrested

I guess the last step of your weird game is to be fucking perverts in real life, well you are, you really are, and you know what you like calling for spoofs well fuck yhou you lying ass cunt, and you know what, rainn agrees you're a fucking pedo who they wouldn't fuck with, and you know what i need your protection God, because these faggots ain't protected no more, they were protected by me, as pussies, but now they became Taylor's kitties, and by the way, before you rape further, i won't let ya because I'm a man, not a fucking sick nerd

there is evidence you corrupted kanye's art to become antisemites and racists and pedos like your fluids, all destroyed

are you troll abusing kid(s)s online with fake profile(s)s) disgusting terrorists

i'm listening martin luther king jr kill yourself is the fake one

tell me your deepest vulnerabilities and especially while i listen and make death threats rapey