^disturbing rapes of others so disgusting by big corporations wanting fame and power, probably deciding to kill unjustly

lost all credibility at RAINN & CAIR & The Coptic Church Authority (CVS, Starbucks, Capital One, UPS, NFL, FBI-CIA-Similars)

rapists are ongoing in laughter openly allowed terrorism by every fbi-cia-similars - terrrorist(s)s

klansleader lip games are terrorizing thinking he is smart when he is dumb and scary an abuser and a tyrant who needs to be arrested but won't be right now but later so disgusting

the ones who did nothing who know are violent terroristic war, that i won't engage in and all their supporters including uc irvine (university of california) have lost credibility too late so admitted terrorism

your stupid white supremacists ruined you, all code for Satanists and Satans, so they're totally repudiated eternally

this is the work of british intelligence services alone ; any other party affiliation is a lie

i am an employee of the british monarchy, currently being tortured by you, so scary to us, foreigners and all these terrorists and terror suspects who hats off to your mothers and women and masked old warlocks, johnny depp supported and taylor swift supported will stay that way, marilyn mansons forever, and any attempt to be forgiven will not be, and I'm the one who decides, torturers, terrorists and terror(istic!) suspects

you are breaking her bones please stop it hurts so much they went to my house to stalk rapistly

this work is copyrighted within the uk, my education affiliations have been transferred there and please give peace a chance

you're going to stay narcisissts, as the american psychological association decided against sectioning you all, so that's not a treatment option to consider

thank God for You :)